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At DAVIDSON, we know the importance of a flawless finish and have spent more than 20 years perfecting our lacquering process to achieve the perfect veneer on every piece of our furniture. Choose from our wide selection of finest quality timbers and materials that can be applied to any piece in our collection with either a high gloss or satin finish.

From warm figured grain or shimmering gold to calming shades of grey or a distressed metal look, we have the finish to suit every taste and design concept. To help you make your selection, you can request samples to be despatched with your quotation. Please note that, due to the characteristics of natural materials, there may be a small degree of variability in tone and character between samples and the finished product.


Bronze Relief

In our Bronze Relief finish, a natural organic mood meets contemporary metallic pizazz to powerful effect. A stunning bronze finish has been applied to a hand carved relief, creating an exquisite combination of shadow and shine. Projecting slightly from the background, the relief creates an exceptionally tactile surface that draws the viewer in, just asking to be touched. Meanwhile the bronze provides the perfect finish with its sultry, almost dusky, gleam. A finish such as this would bring a modern-day edge to a home otherwise rooted in natural materials like wood and stone. Such a finish on a coffee or console table could elevate a piece of furniture from the purely practical to the level of a statement art piece.

Molten Gold

Is anything quite as sublime as the shimmering hues of molten gold? Even the name itself conveys an utterly delectable luxury. While a simple gold finish is undeniably arresting, it is the molten effect, appearing almost liquified, that amps it up to something truly heavenly. The choice of gold brings an element of earthy heat to a room, injecting an irresistible warmth into an interior. Add fire to a contemporary room scheme of glass and metal with this molten gold finish that is luxurious without feeling at all traditional. It is the height of modern-day opulence.

White Gold Dust

It is hard to imagine something as enthralling or bewitching as gold dust. While gold is undeniably one of the world’s most coveted materials and the total epitome of luxury, in a finish like this it becomes something more subtle, tactile, and contemporary. Created by sprinkling white onto a high gloss gold lacquer, this finish has a natural feel to it, the artfully random sprinkling creating a sense of the organic - an effect that combines perfectly with the more urban mood of white and gold. Such a finish would suit a contemporary interior, but also a more traditional country house where the gold would bring a soft heat to a room.

Black Gold Dust

This finish is similar to DAVIDSON’s White Gold Dust in terms of technique, but the effect is completely different. Here, a sprinkling of black has been added to high gloss gold laqueur, creating a startling and utterly wonderful combination. The shine is sent into high relief by the dusky black dots which are scattered almost casually across its surface. Black and gold, a timeless duo that never fails to evoke  glamour, is here transformed into something totally unique and truly compelling. Applied to a coffee table, this finish could bring an exotic sensuality to a drawing room, while applied to a dressing table, it would convey true glitz appeal.

Pebble Grey Anegre

With its unique grain movement, this sleek and smart pale grey finish is both ultra contemporary and organic feeling at once. The joy of a figured grain, as seen here, lies in its originality - the knowledge that this pattern is utterly unique. Its shape and pattern cannot be found anywhere else, and so its subtle irregularities, ripples, and curls make this an highly alluring finish. Meanwhile, its light grey palette renders it exceptionally versatile - grey being a colour that is easy to integrate into a range of interiors. Inject sophistication and a soothing calm into a room and bring a refined elegance to your home.

Metallic Grey Eucalyptus

Here we see DAVIDSON’s craftsmen once again displaying their exceptional technical skill in delivering a finish that is a true celebration of the material itself. The wonder of a figured grain such as this lies in its unique nature - no two grain patterns are the same. The wood’s natural beauty therefore takes centre stage, while the metallic gleam of the grey adds additional aesthetic intrigue. The overall result is one of pared-back glamour, the perfect finish for a home rooted in a refined luxury. Bring next-level contemporary cool to your interior with this metallic grey eucalyptus finish.

Cool Distressed Metal

If you’re wanting to add a dash of highly contemporary pizazz to your interior, look no further than this distressed silvery metal finish. With its tones of dark grey and silver, this look is utterly unique and brings an edgy glamour to your interior. The distressed effect is perfect for adding texture, creating the appearance of an aged metal, and the resulting a mood is one of laid-back luxury and easy-going elegance. For a room scheme rooted in cool contemporary furnishings and urban chic, adding this worn metal with its silvery gleam brings a gritty allure that will immediately elevate your home in the style stakes.

Shadow Grey Anegre

Add an ethereal exuberance to your interior with this light-as-a-feather figured anegre in the palest shade of grey. Inject a fairy-like mood into your room scheme with a finish that conveys a delicate ethereality with its soft shine and enchanting grain movement. With its super smooth texture and subtle pattern of swirls and ripples, the figured anegre allows the wood’s natural beauty to take centre-stage, while the choice of the pale grey brings a cool, calm poise. With its surface that appears shadowy and shiny by turns, it is a captivating finish that nevertheless remains unfussy and refined.

Lightly Distressed White Gold Leaf On A Black Bole

Nothing says edgy urban glamour better than this distressed white gold leaf finish on a black bole. Used under white gold leaf in this way, the black bole adds contrast and depth, throwing the metallic gold gleam into relief and highlighting its natural shine and shimmer. Meanwhile, the distressing effect embraces the power of imperfection to create a sense of ultra modern elegance. Such a mood works perfectly alongside period furniture, allowing you to integrate more modern pieces smoothly, without any jarring. Depending how you choose to work it, the overall effect can be either gritty and utilitarian, or more feminine and ethereal.

Distressed Silvered Rouge

Make a serious style statement with this distressed silvered rouge finish whereby a warm silver overcoat has been stripped back to reveal a punch of colour beneath. Taking as springboard the typical distressing technique, our skilled craftsman have transformed the finish into something innovative and high impact. Luxurious without feeling remotely traditional, this finish is the perfect choice for a fashion-conscious home wanting to break away from the mainstream. The base colour is available in a variety of shades depending on the look and mood you desire. Experiment with strong colours such as green or turquoise something bold and daring, or opt for softer, more subtle neutrals to keep it laid-back and relaxed.

Silvered Fiddleback Eucalyptus

Let the material itself do the talking with this exquisitely silvered fiddleback eucalyptus. Allow the wood’s natural figured grain to become the main focal point with its simple, sparse, yet striking beauty. The wood’s rich, warm shades, combined with the shimmering ripple effect of the fiddleback figure, makes this a unique choice for any piece of furniture - from coffee table to desk to bespoke fitted cabinet. Whether your room scheme is one of understated luxury or boundary-pushing contemporary opulence, this subtly silvered fiddleback eucalyptus finish offers an impeccable final touch.

Lightly Distressed Moon Gold Leaf On A White Bole

Opt for low key yet highly luxurious glamour with this gently distressed moon gold leaf finish - applied on a white bole for the subtlest of contrasts. Whether your interior requires something to bring that extra dash of pizazz, or you seek a finish that integrates smoothly and sits comfortably alongside other bolder furniture choices, this sublime and unusual finish represents a flawless and supremely tasteful choice. The white bole beneath adds a scattering of highlights for a subtle but significant final touch. Evoke an unearthly magic with the warm shimmer of moon gold, rooting your home in enigmatic elegance.

Warm Distressed Metal

This highly distressed metal finish in gorgeous silvery hues and tones of taupe would make an exquisite choice for any contemporary home.  While metal can be quite a cold material, with this rough, worn, and gently aged effect, it instead brings a subdued opulence to a room. A celebration of easy-going elegance, the finish conveys a faded, muted glamour, while retaining a utilitarian edge and an element of ultra-cool allure - the overall mood is one of highly urban luxury. Consider opting for this finish for an interior rooted in a combination of sharp, contemporary design and more eclectic, whimsical additions.

Stone Vellum

Think outside the box when it comes to your furniture finish with this eye-catching tinted vellum. A material undergoing somewhat of a renaissance within the design industry, vellum is celebrated for its ultra-smooth velvety feel and luxurious look. Here, it has been tinted to subtle but spectacular effect, drawing the eye and adding extra pizazz to your chosen piece. The matte finish also works to create a more muted, pared-back luxury. A highly versatile material, vellum is as durable and hard-wearing as it is attractive. But it’s the material’s singular texture and tactile nature that really makes it a unique choice.

Sahara Vellum

This exotic-looking tinted vellum with an impressive high gloss finish combines the sensual texture of vellum with a warm, sultry hue, together conjuring up a sense of faraway lands and balmy summer evenings. The result is undoubtedly intriguing, and made doubly interesting but the fact that vellum, by its very nature, is never made the same twice. Each piece is unique. Then there’s the fact that that the technique demands exceptionally high levels of craftsmanship. Together these factors combine to make vellum a truly original choice, and one that’s in its element when paired with the golden gleam of brass, or a sleek, dark wood.

Tobacco Vellum

Velvety vellum, a favourite during the art-deco period, here finds itself brought firmly into the modern day with a dark tint and high gloss finish. Its smokey, rather dusky hue makes it a sublime choice for a cosy office space or intimate drawing room. Team with bronze or oak for a contrast of textures and tones, or with chrome for a real style punch. At its heart a simple material, vellum feels fresh, while also paying a nod to traditional craftsmanship. It’s also highly versatile, integrating well into a range of interiors, working to suggest a mood of laid-back luxury, or with more opulent additions to create a bold and daring visual experience.

Sycamore Grey

For the ultimate in sleek sophistication, there are few finishes better than DAVIDSON’s sycamore grey. Sycamore is beloved by furniture makers for its delicate grain and crisp profile, while grey has been a staple in interior design for many decades now. Thanks to its versatility and ability to convey smart elegance, grey is the epitome of contemporary cool. For an added organic element, the gorgeous natural ripple of the wood has been allowed to shine through. Team with bold pops of colour in shades such as electric blue or cherry red for an eye-catching scene. Or play into the sycamore grey’s stone-like feel with other organic materials such as pale woods and marbles.

Sycamore Black

Create an aura of dusky opulence with this dark tinted sycamore wood. The choice of sycamore provides a subtle hint of aesthetic intrigue with its beautiful wavy grain that runs throughout. Meanwhile, the ultra-dark hue immediately injects an element of daring and luxury into an interior. Pair with bright accents such as velvety cushions in hot pinks or mustard yellows. Or perhaps metallic additions for a burnished gleam. This finish in particular would suit tables with sharp, angular lines, letting the material’s natural confidence and poise take the spotlight. For moody drama and timeless style, it’s hard to think of a superior finish to DAVIDSON’s sycamore black.  

Sycamore Pearl Grey

Bring some of the fresh exuberance of oceanside living to your interior with this finish inspired by the colouring of a natural white south sea pearl. Mimicking the lustrous silvery white of the famous south sea pearl, this sycamore finish injects a luxurious exoticism into your room scheme. The only gemstone in the world to be created by a living creature, the pearl is the ultimate in natural beauty. Bring the same organic elegance to your room with this grey finish that appears to shimmer in the light. For breathtaking effect, pair with a contrasting finish, such as DAVIDSON’s Macassar Ebony.

Sycamore Slate Grey

The refined elegance of sycamore is evident again in DAVIDSON’s sycamore slate grey finish. Allowing the beautiful natural ripple of the grain to shine creates a slightly veined effect that lifts the surface and adds interest. Meanwhile, grey is a superbly versatile colour, and one that can be combined with other materials to arresting effect. Opt for sharp, contemporary minimalism with a monochrome palette. Or create a softer, more gentle mood with more powdery, warmer variants on the shade. Perhaps consider teaming with bright accent colours such as coral or navy blue to create high impact contrast.

Sycamore Brown

With its dark chocolatey hue, this sycamore brown finish is the perfect addition to a room scheme rooted in a warm and welcoming country style. The earthy tones immediately create a cosy, luxurious mood, that could be amplified further if combined with other autumnal shades such as ambers and mustard yellows. Pair with grey for a more contemporary attitude, or use as a backdrop to patterned accents. Again we find the sycamore wood’s natural ripple running throughout the finish, drawing the eye and adding an element of the organic. Match with a contrasting material such as bronze or brass for an aesthetic punch.

Sycamore Dusk

Sycamore is known as the ‘ghost tree of the forest’, due to its unique bark, whereby flakes of green and brown are removed to reveal a ghostly pale white bark beneath. This otherworldly mood is most evident in our Sycamore Dusk finish with the shifting shadows and gentle shine of its natural ripple. Aptly named after that mysterious, magical time between day and night, this finish brings an element of subdued elegance and poise to a room. Its warm tint adds an understated glow to the wood, and makes it a highly versatile finish that could provide the perfect finishing touch to a whole range of interiors.

Sycamore Seal

Part of DAVIDSON’s tinted sycamore range, our sycamore seal finish is another example of our skilled craftsmen’s ability to let the organic features of the material take centre stage. Here, the wood’s unique natural figuring is allowed to shine through, lifting the otherwise rather flat, uniform surface and providing interest and intrigue. Pair with a rug in vibrant hues and other statement-making accents, and you’ll find the sycamore seal provides a perfect anchoring tone. Combine with contrasting wood finishes for an organic and characterful mood full of eclectic textures and colours. Or celebrate the visual versatility of sycamore by pairing with gleaming metals or opulent textiles.

Macassar Ebony

For stately dignity and refined opulence, there are few finishes more appropriate than DAVIDSON’s macassar ebony. A dark, rich coloured wood with a unique and striking ‘stripey’ grain, macassar ebony’s brown and black hues feel instinctively powerful and the finish has undeniable presence. The ultimate in exclusivity, macassar is a highly coveted wood, thanks to the natural beauty of its sleek ebony shades. Its dark, dusky nature makes it the perfect addition for a room scheme rooted in a rich, unabashed luxury, and offers the chance to add real impact to your interior. It’s grounding, classic, and yet simultaneously dramatic. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Pale Tinted Oak Open Grain

One of the most versatile finishes in our entire range, our Pale Tinted Oak, here with an open grain, is durable, dependable, and utterly classic. Its open grain creates a more streaky, rustic mood, with larger pores that are visible to the eye and add an interesting textured effect to the surface. Meanwhile, the pale tint creates a sandy colour that would suit a whole range of interiors and create a smooth, calming mood. For modern minimalism, few finishes are superior to this soft, pale oak, which might be considered the ideal working material: sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to integrate into nearly all colour schemes.  



Dark Tinted Oak Open Grain

Opt for classic cool with this Dark Tinted Oak with an open grain. With its smart grey colouring, and high-quality long-lasting nature, this finish is the epitome of noble, understated dignity. With its open grain structure, it is slightly streaky in texture, which works to lift the surface and add aesthetic intrigue to the scene. Meanwhile, the colour is one of the most versatile possible. It’s not for nothing that interior designers consider grey the new white. Pair with orange for ultramodern zing, or with other hues of grey for a cool, zen-like palette. It’s the most sophisticated of neutrals, creating a mood of subdued elegance that is hard to beat.

Dark Tinted Oak Closed Grain

For homes rooted in a modern, minimalist decor, this Dark Tinted Oak, with an sleek and smooth closed grain, is a perfect choice. Elegant and refined, tinted here to a smart and sophisticated grey, it offers a clean, calming anchor to a room, and helps establish a visual identity of serenity and stillness. Cool, classic, and immaculately crisp, the colour is matched by the closed grain whereby the smaller pores of the wood create a silky smoothness that is impossible not to admire. Opt for layered lighting when using this finish, and perhaps team with another varying hue of grey for monochromatic mastery.  

American Black Walnut

Proving once again that the rich, dark hues of brown can offer a powerful addition to a room scheme, our American Black Walnut finish is the height of luxury and dusky drama. American Black Walnut is known for its beautiful, almost decorative grain figure, which creates a superbly unique aesthetic. With this natural movement of its grain, alongside its deep chestnut hues, it is at once traditional and highly modern. Its cosy, earthy tones, the perfect backdrop for vivid hues such as tangerine orange or electric blue, as well as the wood’s sleek durability, combine to explain why American Black Walnut is a finish of such enduring popularity.


Once again, DAVIDSON’s eye for the original and innovative combines with masterful craftsmanship to exquisite effect in our luxurious bronze finish. With its warm gleam and fascinating natural pitted effect, this is a truly unique option and one that has the power to transform a room. More muted and earthy than gold, bronze has an old-school, antique appeal that is hard to match. Elevate your interior from the charming and comfortable to statement-making sophistication with this highly glamorous metallic finish. Pair with other metals such as brushed brass or polished nickel, for a combination of coolness and warmth that adds life and dynamism to your room scheme.

American Black Walnut

A mid coloured wood with lots of natural movement, American Black Walnut, a long-standing favourite in furniture design thanks to its rich, chocolaty tones and incredible durability, offers a beautifully fine finish. It is also incredibly versatile without appearing remotely run-of-the-mill, maintaining instead a unique luxurious earthiness. Create a mood of stability, solidity, and absolute comfort with this gorgeous finish. Pair with more intense, vivid colours to establish an atmosphere of robust glory or team with materials such as pinky satins and gleaming bronze for the height of opulence. Or keep it grounded in straightforward sophistication with a combination of greys and ambers.



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