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Best of British Craftsmanship

At DAVIDSON, we go the extra mile to achieve excellence, thanks to our British craftsmen and women, who bring our designs to life and whose quality of work and attention to detail help to sustain our high standards. We pride ourselves on our continued effort to source the finest materials and most skilful artisans throughout the UK.

Our furniture is made entirely to order, which separates us from other ‘off-the-shelf’ makers and retailers. As a result, no two pieces are identical. Each one requires coordination from numerous teams of specialists around the UK, which include both our in-house expert cabinet makers and polishers and many external craftsmen. It’s by enlisting people who have been practising and perfecting their crafts for years that we are able to maintain such a high-quality product.

For us, another motivation for championing British craftsmanship is the revival of heritage techniques that date back hundreds of years. We feel passionately about keeping these crafts alive and passing them on to the next generation, especially as the number of people taking up these ancient skills is dwindling.

By enlisting the rare talents of specialists ̶ such as the wood carver who chisels the intricate circular relief pattern on the doors of our Galaxy cocktail cabinet entirely by hand ̶ not only are we able to provide our customers with unique, high-quality furniture that will last for years, but we are also helping to preserve treasured crafts that are otherwise in danger of being lost.

And, while the many processes that go into creating our bespoke furniture may be complex, for us, it truly is a labour of love. You will find this dedication to British craftsmanship in all our pieces, such as the award-winning Howes Table, which took six months and a team of skilled artisans to develop the prototype. It’s all part of our commitment to British manufacturing and the finest British craftsmanship, which we hope will allow us to continue making future heirlooms for generations to come.