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What we do

At DAVIDSON, we design, manufacture, and install bespoke high-end fitted furniture. Our custom service allows the client to work with our design team to deliver a vision that is as individual as it is elegant - inspired by you, your taste, style, and needs.

Whether it’s a bespoke bookcase designed to complement one of our free-standing desks, or a complete fitted library, we work with interior designers, architects, project managers and private clients to deliver flawless results time after time, providing a personal service that understands and embraces individuality.

Interpreting your vision and delivering results that go above and beyond expectations, our projects include the following:

Bookcase and cabinets
Bars and drinks cabinets
Home offices
TV & media cabinets, home cinemas
Wardrobes and dressing rooms

For luxury without limits, choose DAVIDSON Fitted and make your home not only a place of refined elegance but also uniquely yours.

Why choose us

Alexandra and Richard Davidson of Davidson London furniture.

There are very few suppliers who can offer fitted furniture at the high-end level alongside the quality promised by DAVIDSON. Our dedication to traditional craftsmanship, impeccable technical skill, and future-forward design brings a touch of the timeless to your home.

We offer the full package of both fitted and free-standing furniture. For example, a study space with a DAVIDSON desk alongside bespoke panelling and shelving - all in the same finish for the ultimate seamless aesthetic experience. Or a bedroom interior with a DAVIDSON dressing table alongside a complementary fitted wardrobe and bookcase.

We offer the utmost reliability with a highly experienced team whose knowledge about the intricate process of creating fitted furniture is unparalleled. Alongside our understanding of luxury design, we provide a bespoke service where our expertise and eye for elegance is tailored to suit your personal vision and home.

With an equal commitment to both creativity and quality, we understand that precise calculation and a respect for budget and deadlines are just as important as imaginative design. At DAVIDSON, planning, communication, foresight, and strategy combine with craftsmanship in inventive solutions to overcome every challenge encountered.




Our process

Davidson London Fitted

Davidson London

Inspiration. We begin by developing an in-depth understanding of your vision and requirements. This is essential to delivering results that not only align with but exceed the client’s expectations. Working closing with all involved, from architects to surveyors to interior designers, we discern what is needed and together explore ideas and options.

Elaboration. Visiting the site, we then calculate exactly how to deliver the project within the intended space. A thorough examination allows us to foresee any possible problems before producing technical drawings that specify the precise design details. These provide the client with a clear and coherent understanding of the project, allowing them to raise any concerns before signing off.

Creation. At our workshop, our talented craftsman work to deliver outstanding results. With peerless attention to detail, they implement your ideas and realize your design dreams.  

Installation. In the final stage of the process, our skilled fitters install the furniture and complete the project within any practical limitations imposed by the setting. It is at this point, as your vision becomes manifest, that DAVIDSON’s incomparable commitment to quality and craftsmanship is at its most evident.


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