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The Belvedere Chest

The very essence of smart simplicity, the Belvedere is a versatile chest that could be placed in a range of interiors to provide a sophisticated finishing touch. Graceful and charming, it works its magic apparently effortlessly.

Finished in the dusky hues of Macassar ebony, this handsome piece of luxury furniture can provide both storage and visual interest in a room scheme. Opt for two for pleasing symmetry, or scatter several throughout a larger space to draw the eye.

Its understated form makes the Belvedere easy to integrate into a variety of décor choices, from more traditional rooms with dark wood furnishings and sumptuous fabrics, to sleeker contemporary interiors of metal and glass, where it would offer a luscious wood accent.

The Belvedere can serve as valuable additional surface space to display your preferred ornaments. Style with a few chosen trinkets  ̶  perhaps from varying eras to add aesthetic intrigue. An ultra-modern photo frame alongside a small antique box could work wonderfully. A tray in the same circular form as the chest’s top could create a tidy and unified vignette. Or, perhaps you might opt for a stack of two or three books of decreasing size.

If the Belvedere is serving as your bedside table, you might simply add a stylish lamp alongside your nightly essentials.


Seen here finished in Macassar ebony, the Belvedere injects dark, rich tones into a room. Macassar ebony is an exotic black hardwood with reddish-brown streaks, whose sultry hue consistently impresses, while its natural stripy grain adds a touch of the organic.

Polished nickel detailing in the form of the handle and a slick recessed plinth contrast beautifully with the dark wood, adding just a hint of modern metallic pazzazz.

As with all DAVIDSON pieces, the Belvedere can be finished in a wood of your choice. Our helpful team would be delighted to discuss options and to advise on what would best flatter your particular interior.


Despite the sleek curves of its cylindrical form, the handsome Belvedere has an air of luxurious masculinity, thanks, in part, to the simplicity of its design. Opting for smoothness over angles, our design team has created a chest that is both practical and pleasing to the eye, and one that could add a gentleness to a modern interior of sharp lines and edges.


The simple, single, polished nickel handle, in circular form to mimic that of the chest itself, elevates the Belvedere even more. Like other DAVIDSON designs, the handle is also available in nickel, antiqued brass or bronze, in either a polished or brushed finish.

Oval Belvedere

In this variation of the original Belvedere, a finish in sycamore dusk creates alternative warmth and lightness, while the elongated oval shape is a smart and intriguing spin on the cylindrical chest. The natural ripple of the sycamore is a beautiful feature, drawing the eye and adding an almost tactile, organic element.

An antiqued bronze handle provides a gorgeous finishing touch to this version of the chest, combining with the gentle hues of the sycamore to offer more classic appeal.


  • Standard450mm Dia X 540mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.