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Bowery Bedside Table

A firm DAVIDSON favourite, the Bowery offers a truly elegant bedside companion for the most stylish of boudoirs. With its original profile and luxurious finish, the Bowery bridges the gap between creative design and the prestige born of tradition.

The Bowery’s chunkier silhouette allows it to handle an array of accessories without appearing overloaded. Create levels of interest with accents of varying height and textures. Perhaps a sleek metallic photo frame, a smart, leather-bound book, and something natural, such as a floral arrangement. An attractive perfume bottle might be all you need to give the table additional allure and integrate it into your bedroom. Opt for personal touches that bring individual nuances to the overall look.

Counterbalance the sharp lines and slick edges of the Bowery with extravagant bed furnishings. Cushions and throws in sensuous shades, such as dusty pink, arranged with luxurious abandon, can mellow the overall effect, while matching Bowery tables on either side can provide a framing to the bed.

If you opt for a pair of this elegant bedside table, a symmetrical arrangement of lamps and accents can create a mood of calm and balance. Nevertheless, asymmetry can be just as charming. Consider mismatched lighting sources and, perhaps, a stack of books on one side and wild flowers on the other.


The calming tones of sycamore dusk provide an impeccable finish for the Bowery, an ideal balance of warmth and sleek sophistication. The gorgeous, natural ripple of the wood brings added interest and an almost tactile appeal.

Antiqued, brushed brass moulding creates an aesthetically satisfying framing to the open compartment and drawer. Its gentle metallic glint also offers just a hint of old-school glamour, contrasting with the more organic nature of the wood.

As with all DAVIDSON designs, the table is available in a finish of your choice, including the moulding, allowing the Bowery to be adapted to best suit the mood of your room.


A bedside table that will sit beautifully in any elegant boudoir, the Bowery offers a rather contemporary, box-shaped silhouette that nevertheless conveys a timeless mood, thanks to the more classic hues of the sycamore dusk. It’s a perfect marriage of past and present.


Neatly house all your clutter in a drawer, while an open compartment provides additional storage, as well as attracting the eye. Choose to stack magazines or books here, either horizontally or vertically.


  • Standard450mm W x 400mm D x 600mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.