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Chrysler Dressing Table

Inject some majesty into your bedroom with the Chrysler Dressing Table, a luxury vanity table that captivates and compels with its unique silhouette and shimmering white gold leaf finish.

The ultimate in deluxe bedroom experiences, the Chrysler allows every woman to prepare for the day ahead in style. With its gorgeous curves, it is undeniably feminine, yet still feels modern and sophisticated, standing out from the crowd with its contrasting walnut and gold.

Add a stunning focal point to your bedroom with a dressing table that exudes charm and grace. Style with your favourite sentimental decorations: photo frames on one end, a vase of flowers at the other, and perhaps a few small bowls to hold jewellery. The stately size of the Chrysler allows it to carry off many different accents without appearing swamped. Opt for pieces in contrasting textures, but perhaps consider choosing a single colour palette to maintain unity.

Linens and soft furnishings in similar tones to the white gold leaf  ̶  or pale greys if you opt for the alternative finish  ̶  integrate the Chrysler smoothly into your interior and create a seamless aesthetic experience.

DAVIDSON is committed to offering a bespoke service and the Chrysler is available in any of our range of innovative finishes. Other options include a combination of high-gloss sycamore slate grey and a pearl grey that shimmers in the light, creating a mood of almost ethereal beauty. The former, a sleek yet cosy light grey, sits exquisitely next to the latter, inspired by the colour of a natural South Sea pearl. Both have a gorgeous natural ripple that runs throughout and beckons you to look closer.


Here, the Chrysler’s top and plinth base have been finished in a brilliant American black walnut, sitting strikingly alongside the table’s dazzling white gold leaf body. Together, these contrasting materials combine to powerful effect, conveying both elegance and glamour. The gold leaf, in particular, offers just the perfect amount of shine  ̶  tasteful opulence that doesn’t overwhelm.


Defined by curves and circular forms, the Chrysler conveys a mood of softness and gentle sophistication. Despite its chunkier top and pedestals, it does not feel remotely heavy, a result of its light-coloured finish and sweeping lines that draw the eye rather than block out space.


Fulfilling practical as well as aesthetic requirements, the Chrysler's ample storage consists of a central compartmentalised drawer for storing jewellery or other boudoir essentials. Then, on each side, are four drawers on soft-close runners for impeccable functionality. 

Dressing Table Set

If you would like the complete dressing table set, you can add a triptych mirror to the table. Or, if you are opting for the other variation on the model, choose a Collier Mirror to complete the dressing table experience.


  • Standard1800mm W X 850mm D X 750mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.