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Dahlia Bedside Table

Nothing quite completes a bedroom arrangement like a pair of elegant bedside tables. And, elegance is the name of the game when it comes to the Dahlia. Providing the perfect framing for the bed centrepiece, a pair of Dahlia Bedside Tables can bring unity and harmony to your room scheme, not to mention offering practical storage space.

Part of the DAVIDSON collection of stylish bedroom furniture, the Dahlia works best as a pair. Together, the two tables, with their strict rectilinear lines, echo and complement the form of the bed, and any other similar-shaped pieces you have chosen for your bedroom.

With the warm tones of sycamore dusk, amplified by the glossy richness of the polished brass, the Dahlia invites some serious luxury into your bedroom. Style with two matching table lamps to illuminate your bedside, perhaps in a complementary brass finish. Keep accents to a minimum to allow the crisp linearity of the design to shine. Perhaps just a small ceramic or wood dish to contain bedroom essentials  ̶  or simply your nighttime reading material.

While the Dahlia has been designed as a bedside table, there is no reason why it could not serve equally well as a small side table in a living space or study. Opt for a couple scattered throughout your home to bring different rooms together.


Here, finished in the warm tones of sycamore dusk, the Dahlia brings a soft and mellow mood to a bedroom. Complement with linens in matching dark neutrals, then add a touch of metallic glamour to resonate with that of the four gleaming, polished brass legs and luxurious trim. Throw in some cushions in bright, vibrant hues and you have a colour palette that is both impressive and undeniably gorgeous.

All DAVIDSON designs are available in a finish of your choosing. Our friendly team would be delighted to discuss other options and help you to decide which of our range of high-quality finishes would suit your look.


The Dahlia is a prime example of our design team’s superb ability to reinterpret classic silhouettes to create luxury furniture that is simple yet totally transforms a room. A refined elegance born of restraint is evident in the design of the Dahlia, with its pristine box form and rectangular shapes that are echoed, highlighted and amplified by the brass trim and legs. Such a shape is satisfyingly robust and, despite its uncomplex geometry, creates serious impact.


A single cabinet with a push-latch door provides versatile storage for bedroom essentials; the perfect space to hide away clutter, such as phone chargers and magazines.  


  • Standard550mm W x 500mm D x 600mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.