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Nazarova Bedside Table

This chest, with its multiple variations, is the ultimate in sleek glamour. Simple in silhouette but rich in allure and appeal, the Nazarova offers a delectable finishing touch to the high-fashion home.

Elevate the humble chest from simply a means of storage to a statement piece of luxury furniture in its own right. Placed by both sides of a bed, in a living space at the end of a sophisticated sofa, or even as an addition to an elegant office, the Nazarova has the potential to bring a room together while simultaneously standing out as a mark of impeccable taste.

Macassar ebony and gold leaf finishes define the variation of the Nazarova that forms part of the collection of the same name. Alongside the matching dining table, cabinet, coffee table, or perhaps all three, the Nazarova dazzles and creates a sleek, integrated aesthetic experience.

DAVIDSON’s bespoke service allows you to opt for your preferred finish. Our helpful team would be delighted to discuss possibilities.

Subtle Greys

A contrast of two distinct shades of grey can be seen here. One is a high-gloss, figured pebble grey anegre. The other is a sleek, high-gloss shadow grey anegre. Complementing rather than contrasting, the overall look is one of superbly polished sophistication.

Dark Opulence

This variation is shown here finished in a glossy sycamore black with three pairs of polished nickel handles, for a rather more traditional, but equally elegant, look.

Classic Black

In this variation, we find the original design transformed into a statement of dark elegance, finished entirely in sycamore black. 

Larger Size

Complete the look by pairing with a larger variation for a deluxe storage experience that exudes contemporary cool.

White Gold Leaf

This variation offers a spin on the original Nazarova, finished in dark-tinted American black walnut and with a single drawer finished in white gold leaf. The contrast is sublime, a vision of dark and light, and an essential for any fashion-forward bedroom.


The handles are available in polished or brushed brass or nickel, antiqued brass, bronze or gold plated, for a dash of high-end glamour. All are available either circular or rectangular, depending on your preferred look.


  • Standard650mm W x 450mm D x 650mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.