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The Hatfield Chest

Invite a dash of earthy elegance into your bedroom with the Hatfield, a stylish chest finished in sycamore black, with three drawers offering ample storage. Its low-profile form and soft, warm tones offer a minimalist, yet serene, aesthetic.

Place at the side of your bed to keep all those nighttime essentials within easy reach and maintain an uncluttered, tidy sleeping space. Or, perhaps position in your living room, where the Hatfield can transform a lonely alcove. Add a statement table lamp to cast a warm glow over the fine wood top.

The Hatfield offers a timeless appeal, thanks to its classic silhouette, while also bringing a touch of the organic with its sycamore black finish, a gorgeous wood with a natural wavy grain that injects a lively energy into your interior.

Exemplifying DAVIDSON’s skill in emphasising the natural beauty of the material itself, this is a chest with a distinct identity and a certain warmth and tactility, too. Its pared-back design and organic finish breathe a freshness into any room.


Seen here finished in sycamore black, the Hatfield brings a sleek warmth to your interior with a wood that is both sophisticated and natural-feeling, with its wavy grain adding texture and interest to the chest. While the silhouette is classic, the colour scheme feels highly contemporary: dark-tinted wood alongside the industrial punch of the polished nickel handles.

Like all DAVIDSON pieces, the Hatfield is available in a finish of your choice, depending on the architecture of your home and your desired look and mood.


With its simplicity of form and high-quality natural wood, the Hatfield exudes authenticity and a laid-back sophistication. The recessed plinth base, a small detail that nevertheless speaks volumes, attests to our artisans’ superb skills in creating pieces of luxury furniture that represent the very best of British design.

Organise your items between the three drawers and place photo frames, a single lamp and an ornament on top. Or, keep it bare and allow the eye to explore the impressive design unhampered.



Chunky drop handles offer an appealingly modern, industrial accent, lifting the chest’s dark, muted hues and providing the perfect finishing touch.

The Hatfield is also available with your choice of circular or rectangular handles, in polished nickel or brass. Rectangular handles would offer a more contemporary feel, while brass over nickel would bring additional warmth.

Ample storage is provided in the three drawers, each of which is positioned on soft-close runners for ultimate smoothness and ease of use. This chest is both practical and pleasing to look at.


  • Small500mm W x 450mm D x 700mm H
  • Medium700mm W x 450mm D x 700mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.