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The Palisades Side Cabinet

Forming part of DAVIDSON’s exciting West Coast Collection, a debut collaboration with designer Anna Standish, the Palisades Side Cabinet represents a thrilling new direction for our design team.

The collection symbolises a moves away from our primarily Art-Deco influenced pieces, turning instead to 1970s American arts. As such, the West Coast Collection is a celebration of innovative materials, distinct shapes, and explosive colours, combined with DAVIDSON’s commitment to bespoke furniture of exceptional quality.

The Palisades Side Cabinet captures everything that is fresh and progressive about 1970s design with its sleek, sharp profile, and lively colour palette. As with the other pieces in the collection, the primary influence here was David Hockney’s iconic Swimming Pool series of paintings, which have come to epitomise 1970s California. The seductive aqua shade is a deliberate echo of the balmy luxury conveyed by his works like A Bigger Splash and Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures). Like the mood evoked by his paintings, the muted shade of blue is both bewitching and highly sensuous.

Like all DAVIDSON pieces, the Palisades Side Cabinet can be finished in a variety of colours to suit your room scheme, or in any one of the DAVIDSON range of signature finishes. Similarly, the size can be customised to fit requirements.  


The cabinet has been finished in a gorgeous high gloss birdseye maple, a figure only occasionally found in Sugar Maple and highly coveted for this reason. This choice also injects an element of fluidity into the piece, as the wood appears to ripple like water.


The overall form of the cabinet, whereby the similar shape of the cabinet and block is undermined by a play on proportions, reflects the style choices of the 1970s period, which pushed against traditional design conventions. The Palisades would therefore appear at home in an interior alongside other equally unusual and characterful furniture choices.

Brass Trim Around Doors

The cabinet has three swing out doors opening on push catches for invisible, seamless functionality and concealing two adjustable shelves in each compartment. They are framed by a smart antiqued brushed brass trim around the outer moulding for a subtle but significant metallic gleam. Finally, the entire piece stands on an antiqued brushed brass block whose burnished warmth conveys a faded glamour, again a nod to the laid-back luxury of 1970s California.


  • Two Door1200mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Three Door1500mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Three Door1800mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Four Door2000mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Four Door2200mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Five Door2500mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.