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The Brooklyn Cabinet

DAVIDSON’s iconic Brooklyn Cabinet is a lesson in how to say a lot with very little. With its impeccably simple silhouette, the cabinet lets the quality of the material take centre stage. The technical expertise of DAVIDSON’s design team has never been more evident than in the exquisite radial patterning of this classically elegant piece of luxury furniture.

With its pared-back profile, the Brooklyn exudes a quiet exclusivity, fusing simplicity of form with the heady flair of luxurious materials and finishes. Sumptuous without feeling remotely pretentious, statement-making while remaining subtle, the cabinet is the most versatile of furniture additions. It would suit any number of room schemes, whether it be a contemporary townhouse of glass and steel or a more traditional home of rich woods and plush textiles. 


With its clean angles and lines, the Brooklyn Cabinet demonstrates how keeping things minimal can be the most powerful statement of all. The piece sits on a barely visible plinth which has the effect of slightly elevating the cabinet and creating a shadow beneath that works like an outline, emphasizing and amplifying its sleek rectilinear lines.


The cabinet is finished in a high gloss anegre timber with elegant handles in polished brass and a trim that runs around the edge of the doors making this the perfect luxury addition to a smart interior.

The technical skill of DAVIDSON’s artisan craftsman is clear in the radial patterning of the doors of the cabinet which have been designed with a veneer that emerges outwards from the centre like a sunburst. This radial pattern is a glorious display of technical expertise and a celebration of craftsmanship.

Opt to keep the doors in the same finish as the rest of the cabinet for sleek appeal. Or create aesthetic punch with a contrasting finish for the doors.

The grain direction of the doors can be customised depending on individual preference.

Custom Finish

The cabinet is shown here finished in sycamore black with a polished brass trim for an alternative feel. Such a pairing is suited to a cosy and intimate space such as a luxury study. The darker hue creates a soft warmth while the golden gleam of the brass injects a hint of opulence. The radial patterning is especially gorgeous here; the natural beauty of the wood meeting the skill of DAVIDSON’s technical team in perfect union. 


The cabinet is also available in macassar ebony with a polished brass trim. This marrying of black and gold is as classic as it is cool, the perfect halfway house between contemporary edge and traditional luxury. Or opt for polished nickel alongside macassar ebony instead, for a glint of silver that feels ultra modern.


All DAVIDSON designs can be customised to fit the requirements of the client, including the chosen finish. Our team is available to discuss the various options and help you decide what would best suit your interior.


Custom Size

The cabinet has been launched in many different sizes to meet individual requirements, with three, four or more doors in different finishes, and with or without metal detailing, depending on the client’s needs and desires. The cabinet shown here is an example of a wider Brooklyn Cabinet with four doors in the same contrasting sycamore grey and sycamore pearl combination. 


  • Two Door1200mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Four Door2000mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H
  • Four Door2200mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.