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The Englefield Shelving Unit

Elevate your interior to new style heights with the Englefield. Slender and graceful, this piece conveys easy-going and up-to-date elegance and is the perfect place to display your favourite design tomes, a collection of decorative ornaments, and other treasured trinkets. 

This statement storage solution reflects DAVIDSON’s intuitive understanding of the design scene. In a clever nod to the enduring popularity of mid-century modern style, it captures the imaginative form and light-weight and clean-lined mood of that iconic era in design. 

The piece also draws influences from Bauhaus, with its combination of contrasting materials alongside simple and harmonious geometry and an emphasis on practicality as well as aesthetics. 

Perfectly proportioned, the Englefield hits that elusive spot between unobtrusive yet arresting, drawing the eyes with its layers of minimalist luxury. Redefining modern style, it adds an enviable originality to the contemporary home. 

The Englefield is the ideal display set for showcasing your artistic objects and artefacts, favourite books, and photographs. It expresses a progressive attitude that makes it a perfect fit for the modern household. Add both a convenient storage solution and a fabulous focal point to your room with this shelving unit - the ultimate in practical elegance. 


The Englefield has been finished in high gloss dark tinted macassar ebony with brushed antique brass hardware alongside hand-dyed vellum wrapped doors and sides. The mixture of textures and materials elevates this piece to new heights of luxury and creativity.

The Englefield debuts the exciting launch of DAVIDSON’s own ironmongery designed in house with handles showcasing originality, innovation, personality and contemporary punch, modernising our notions of what shelving can be.

We offer a bespoke service and so the Englefield is also available finished in any of our standard veneer options, while clients might opt for brushed brass or blackened bronze for alternative metal detailing. 

There is also the possibility of nickel plating. Additionally, there are various vellum options for the doors. Clients might also consider the possibility of specialist lacquer, liquid metal, leather, or veneer and marquetry finishes. Our helpful team would be delighted to advise. 



Opt for true contemporary elegance with the Englefield whose sharp lines and angles are all about sleek and clean geometry. Create an informal and utterly modern mood with this piece that can serve to divide a room or fit snugly against a wall. 

The Englefield is unfussy yet eye-catching and can sit with quiet confidence in any number of spaces, whether it’s a study, drawing room, or kitchen. Keep your clutter at bay with this artful storage solution where you can both display your aesthetic objects and hide away necessities within the cabinet. 

Fulfilling the need for lighter shelving units and storage pieces with modular options, you can add further sections so as to extend the Englefield unit. The shelving can also be made to any height, width, or depth. 

Our design team is also currently working on adapting this design into a cabinet, sideboard, and drinks cabinet. 

The Englefield typically takes 12 to 14 weeks to make, although a bespoke piece could take longer.


  • SIZE OPTIONS1750mm W x 450mm D x 1830mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.