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The Caspian Console

The most simple design from our range of hoop-shaped consoles, but arguably the most sleek with its slimline features. There is nothing chunky or heavy about this console with its dark finish to accentuate its form and draw they eye. 


We chose a high-gloss black lacquer for this piece in line with the simple statement look and to emphasise the form. It is, of course, available in any of our luxurious timbers or lacquers in high gloss or satin.


A wide curve and a sharp, angular base combine to create a slick-looking structure that can be made up to any size. This model could benefit from some tasteful lighting to enhance the silhouette for dramatic effect.


  • Standard1800mm W x 400mm D x 825mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.