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The Mandarin Console

A timeless console that is soft and pleasing on the eye with its graceful, smooth curves and symmetry. A welcoming addition to any room by itself or in a pair. Style it with your favourite decorative pieces, with a mirror above to complete an empty wall space.


The finishing of this piece adds to its soft, feminine feel in high-gloss sycamore dusk, with the internal pedestal in a beautiful, shimmering moon gold leaf that complements the sycamore beautifully. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality of finishing. When captured in the light, this piece radiates a golden warmth. It can, of course, be gilded in gold leaf or white gold leaf, depending on the look required.

All in One Finish

The console has been relaunched in several different finishes and we have found that many people like the design kept simple without the fuss of any gilding in the inner pedestal. The table is shown here looking incredibly smart all in high-gloss sycamore black. The dark finish accentuates the elegant form.


The rectangular top sits on an elliptical hoop that becomes wider at each end, enhancing the sculptural feel of the Mandarin. The console stands on a graceful shaped base. Perfect proportions achieved by our British artisans are what make our designs so beautiful and a cut above the rest.


  • Standard1500mm W x 400mm D x 825mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.