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The Ophelia Console

Sleek curves define this smart console, which has been created by British artisans to the utmost standard of quality.

Finished here in the smart tones of high-gloss metallic grey eucalyptus and with polished nickel detailing for added shine, the table is available in an array of fine timbers, metallics and lacquers. There is an Ophelia to suit any elegant household.

With its wide-set pedestal, the table allows plenty of light to pass through, integrating into its surroundings, and even opening up a space. This lightness of form also makes it an impeccable choice for a hallway central piece, positioned away from the wall. The Ophelia would also work its charm below a statement artwork, emphasising without distracting.

Given the simple grace of its silhouette, the Ophelia is best styled with minimal ornaments or a single decorative piece. Or, perhaps two large books at one end and a vase at the other. Alternatively, consider using the Ophelia to showcase an array of smart cocktail glasses and bottles, where the glint of the glass would throw into contrast the dark wood table.


The table is finished in a smart metallic grey eucalyptus. This timber is a new addition to our range of fine finishes and, with its beautiful grain movement, has a calming effect while remaining sleek and stylish.

A polished nickel band, inlaid flush within the curve of the pedestal, draws the eye along its sweeping arc, emphasising and highlighting its pleasingly elegant form.

Like all DAVIDSON pieces, the Ophelia can be adapted to suit your desired mood and look. All our tables are available in any of the luxury finishes from our range.


The Ophelia was designed to offer a lighter alternative to some of the heavier consoles of previous collections. In comparison with the bold and stately Albany, for example, the Ophelia offers a fresh, almost feminine feel. For smaller rooms or a busy interior, the Ophelia’s delicacy and understated appeal is perfect.

Notice the gentle curve to the tabletop, as it becomes wider in the centre. A similar sweep can be found in the pedestal, which is softly tapered, becoming wider towards the bottom. The table then sits on a curved, slimline base.

Together, these small but significant details combine to create a clean, svelte profile, that can elevate a room. Position in an alcove with a table lamp to create an interesting play of shadows. Or, consider placing two either side of a fireplace or room for perfect symmetrical sophistication.  


  • Small1200mm W 400mm D 850mm H
  • Medium1400mm W 400mm D 850mm H
  • Large1500mm W 400mm D 850mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.