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Bracondale Luxury Writing Desk

Simple, smart and effortlessly sophisticated, the Bracondale is a writing desk that would flatter and elevate a whole range of luxury interiors. With its trio of finishes  ̶  sycamore black, sycamore dusk and smooth leather  ̶  it tells an intriguing visual story, yet remains classic in profile and fulfills all functional requirements.

The brilliant contrast between satin and high-gloss textures adds interest to an otherwise traditional silhouette, exemplifying DAVIDSON’s impeccable understanding of materials, and how to let them speak for themselves.

The grey of the sycamore dusk is smart yet cosy, while the bold sycamore black frames the table perfectly. Such colours would resonate in an interior decorated in similarly modern neutrals, paired with organic details, such as a large house plant.

When it comes to seating, consider a plush, padded chair, deep set and with arms, perhaps accompanied by a luxurious throw to add an air of comfort and ease.


The Bracondale’s appeal lies in the pleasing contrast of different finishes. On the one hand, you have the sycamore black, with its bold, dark and inky tones. Then, there’s the sycamore dusk, warmer and softer, with a gorgeous ripple that engages and captivates. Finally, there is the contrasting texture of the leather. Together, the three materials create visual interest and a timeless allure.

DAVIDSON’s bespoke service allows you to choose a finish that best flatters your interior, whether you opt for two contrasting wood finishes, as we have here, or a more monochrome mood.


Leaning towards a classic silhouette, the Bracondale is all about simple lines and understated geometry, letting colour and texture take centre stage.

Nevertheless, small structural features elevate the Bracondale from simple elegance to true brilliance, such as the tabletop’s slight elevation above the pedestal and small overhang at the front, adding an unusual and intriguing aspect to the desk. Such features exemplify our design team’s eye for detail and our craftsmen's superb technical skills.  

Give your office an atmosphere of elegance and comfort with this desk that is the very best in low-profile luxury.

Modesty Panel

In the Bracondale, the traditional modesty panel, originally intended to provide privacy by shielding legs from view, here serves a more aesthetic purpose, filling out the silhouette of the desk to give a sturdy, stately aura.

Robust without being overbearing, offering a sophisticated stability, the Bracondale exudes poise and fulfills the role of study centrepiece with class and confidence. Of course, the modesty panel, finished in sycamore dusk, also works to create visual juxtaposition with the sycamore black; the two tones contrasting delightfully.

Additional Storage

For added storage space, DAVIDSON can offer an additional pedestal, tucking neatly beneath the tabletop.


  • Small1800mm W x 1000mm D x 760mm H
  • Large2500mm W x 1000mm D x 760mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.