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Eclipse Luxury Writing Desk

This unique writing desk breathes an air of cool sophistication into your study. With its clean, elegant lines and streamlined profile, the Eclipse has the potential to transform an office space.  

Plenty of storage and a black leather writing surface ensure the Eclipse fulfills all practical requirements, while on an aesthetic level, it represents the very best in innovative yet timeless design. A creative spin on a classic silhouette has created a desk that is guaranteed to make an impression.

The Eclipse dazzles in the centre of the room, where it can be appreciated from all of its sleek angles and the intrigue of its form can be fully experienced. Nevertheless, against a wall decorated in a lighter palette, its bold figure will still shine.

Exemplifying the meticulous attention to detail shown by our British artisan craftsmen, the Eclipse is a desk that can truly claim to be a joy to work at.


The desk is finished in high-gloss metallic eucalyptus, which has been hand-tinted to a smart shade of grey. One of the new timbers in our range of fine finishes, the eucalyptus integrates beautifully into nearly all décors.

The desk has detailing in polished nickel, which complements the contrasting grey of the eucalyptus finish to create a cool and contemporary mood that would nevertheless suit both traditional and modern interiors.

With DAVIDSON’s commitment to offering custom designs, the Eclipse is also available in any of our luxury finishes in either high-gloss or satin.


From the front, the desk features a smart curve to the tabletop and pedestal, evoking the streamlining aspect of 1930s Art Deco style. A feature of that iconic design movement was the curving of forms, inspired, in part, by aerodynamics. Here, the subtle curve sets the Eclipse apart from the rest of the collection, which predominantly features straight lines and sharp angles.

The back of the desk features a bank of drawers to each pedestal that provide plenty of storage for all your office essentials.


A unique aspect of the Eclipse is the levitated tabletop. This visually striking feature creates a lightness in mood, opening up the space and drawing the eye. It is for this reason that the desk best suits a position in the centre of the room, where this intriguing aspect can be fully appreciated.

Similarly, the subtle polished nickel recessed base, barely noticeable beneath the pedestal, gives the illusion that the table is floating, as though weightless, bringing a lightness to the Eclipse’s otherwise sturdy form.


A DAVIDSON favourite, the Eclipse features handles finished in polished nickel, each wrapped carefully in soft black leather with an unwavering commitment to quality. The look is smart and serious and can be applied to all of our other desks if requested.


  • Small1600mm W 850mm D 750mm H
  • Medium 1800mm W x 850mm D x 750mm H
  • Large 2000mm W x 850mm D x 750mm H
  • Extra Large 2200mm W x 850mm D x 750mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.