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Westbourne Luxury Writing Desk

Opt for lightness and delicacy with the Westbourne, whose smart, structural lines will inject an uplifting energy into a room, creating a space that's highly amenable to work and inspiration.

With its slim proportions, a smaller desk compared to others in the collection, the Westbourne is the ideal choice for a snug, the corner of a library, or a smaller office space. Paired with the Gosford Stool, the Westbourne also makes a fabulous dressing room table.

Place near a window for views and light that promote productivity, or perhaps consider positioning three frames of matching size above the desk as a visual stimulus. Opt for a floor lamp or two, rather than taking up valuable worktop space with a table lamp.

Style with a couple of succulents for a natural, organic touch that adds texture. Bowls and dishes work to display jewellery if the table is serving as a dressing table, and consider placing a DAVIDSON mirror above. We particularly recommend the Barclay or Elvaston, whose simple silhouettes would complement the elegant Westbourne without competing for attention.


As well as a finish in Macassar ebony, as shown here, the Westbourne has also been finished in sycamore grey and lightly distressed white gold leaf, for an alternative mood. The former conveys prestige and distinction, while the latter offers a soft, light, feminine look.

In the darker Macassar ebony, the Westbourne would flatter a cosy study space decorated in dusky greys. Or, opt for for the brighter tones of grey and white gold leaf in a room with plenty of natural light. In such a finish, the desk would sit beautifully in an orangery, for example. 

In both models, polished nickel feet complete the look, adding a metallic glint that sits wonderfully against the contrasting texture of the wood.


A lesson in sophisticated simplicity, the Westbourne’s elegance lies in its slim proportions and svelte profile. A small tabletop sits on four slender legs, taking up the very minimum of visual space, which makes it the perfect choice for smaller rooms or interiors that already feel somewhat busy.

Avoid overcrowding the desk with accents and decorations. Let its refined silhouette shine by keeping it simple with a slim vase displaying a single bloom.

The desk features three drawers, each of which can be flock lined and compartmentalised upon request to fulfill all your practical requirements and ensure a tidy workspace.


Handles finished in a gleaming, polished nickel look gorgeous, both against the shimmering white gold leaf and the darker Macassar ebony. One offers a light, feminine mood; the other, something more striking and stately.

DAVIDSON offers both circular and square drop handles, depending on whether you want a contrasting look, or rectilinear lines that echo the sharp angles of the desk.

The handles are also available in antiqued brass or bronze, in either a polished or brushed finish. Against the Macassar ebony in particular, the warmer tones of brass and bronze could create a rather seductive aesthetic, suitable for a bedroom or dressing room.


  • Small1200mm W x 550mm D x 760mm H
  • Medium1500mm W x 550mm D x 760mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.