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Winston Luxury Writing Desk

The Winston is unashamedly luxurious. With its rich wood finish and brass handles, it conveys an elegant exclusivity. Each feature is, by itself, subtle and understated, but the overall effect is one of almost regal brilliance.

Bringing its own unique personality to a room, the Winston is the perfect addition to a high-fashion household. An utterly original office centrepiece, the desk is sure to make an impression, while simultaneously fulfilling all practical requirements.

The Winston’s larger size and powerful profile allows it to carry off nearly anything. Position under a gallery wall of grouped artworks or photos to make a serious statement. Opt for a simple yet stately chair, with or without arms, such as the Charlton. And, with a worktop large enough to accommodate a table lamp, you might choose to amp up the glamour factor with something metallic.

But, the Winston would equally flatter a sleek, modern home with plenty of glass and natural light. In this setting, opt for a lighter accompanying palette and let the desk itself do the talking. Counterbalance the heavier form and sharp edges of the Winston with soft accents, such as a large pot plant or slender standing lamp.

Show boldness and confidence in your office space with a desk that is practical and pleasurable to both work and look at.


The Winston is seen here finished in Macassar ebony, whose dark hues work perfectly in a desk with a heavier form that could overwhelm if finished a more dramatic colour. Instead, it is the perfect balance of understated and luxurious style, the natural stripy grain of the ebony breaking up the otherwise monochrome palette.

The two rectangular legs are inlaid with the same polished brass of the handles, a small detail that adds a hint of low-profile glamour. Anchor with a sumptuous rug in clean, light neutrals to create a stage for the Winston.

Like all DAVIDSON designs, the Winston is available in a finish of your choosing. Let our friendly team help you decide on a finish that reflects your personal preference.


With a long, slender tabletop supported by a pedestal of two rectangular legs, the design of the Winston is simple and therein lies its power. It takes up the very minimum of visual space as its slim top and svelte pedestal allow plenty of light to pass through. This conveys an airy lightness of form that makes it the easiest of tables to integrate into an interior.


The handles are finished here in a polished brass, whose golden shine works beautifully with the rich tones of the Macassar ebony. The simple, rectangular shape of the handles echoes that of the desk as a whole, with its rectilinear lines and crisp angles.

The handles are also available in nickel or antiqued bronze, in either a polished or brushed finish. Polished nickel, in particular, could bring a cooler, more contemporary mood to the desk.


The Winston boasts plenty of storage, with four frieze drawers, two filing drawers and two cabinets, all with interiors tinted to match the primary finish for a seamless aesthetic effect. With their soft-close runners, the drawers have been designed with a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring flawless functionality.


  • Small1600mm W x 800mm D x 750mm H
  • Medium1800mm W x 900mm D x 750mm H
  • Large2000mm W x 900mm D x 750mm H
  • Extra Large 2200mm W x 900mm D x 750mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.