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The Aspen Dining Table

An elegant and contemporary circular table combining soft, graceful curves and clean angles for an effortlessly stylish dining room addition. Boasting superlative design quality, the Aspen functions equally well as either a dining or centre table.

Consider anchoring the Aspen with a rug that flatters its dark palette. Or perhaps a pendant lamp that throws into contrast the raised turntable. Chairs in vivid tones with rich upholstery would highlight the pleasingly robust nature of this dining centrepiece.

Bringing prestige to your dining setting, the Aspen also sits comfortably alongside different styles of furnishings. Whether you choose to introduce the Aspen into a classic interior alongside period antiques, or into a contemporary home of glass, steel, and slick lines, you will find this table integrates itself smoothly and still holds its own.


This closed-grain, dark-tinted oak table with a smart quartered top offers a smooth, modern finish suitable for daily dining. Not only is the satin finish practical, hard-wearing and long-lasting, but it also adds to Aspen’s aesthetic of laidback luxury.

DAVIDSON is committed to providing a bespoke service and all our tables are available in any of the luxury finishes from our range.


The circular top is supported by cruciform sled legs designed with tempered angles for a gentle yet modern look. Together, the curves and lines introduce harmony and grace into your room scheme.

Metal Detailing

A smart, brushed brass trim sits flush to the face of the frieze, with a 5mm shadow gap in line with the table's contemporary style. The brushed brass is more subtle than the highly polished brass, offering a sense of understated luxury.

Centre Table

The table can be made to the size required and works equally well as a smart centre table.

Extra Large

The table can be made up to 2.5 metres diameter with a one-piece top to seat 14-16 people. Any larger and the top will need to made from more than one piece. 

Lazy Susan

A custom central turntable brings ease and comfort to your dining experience by putting everything within reach, while simultaneously adding an interesting design detail to the table.


  • SIZE OPTION1200mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 4 people
  • SIZE OPTION1400mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 4-6 people
  • SIZE OPTION1600mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 6 people
  • SIZE OPTION1800mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 8 people
  • SIZE OPTION2000mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 10 people

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.