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The Hamilton Dining Table

A timelessly elegant dining table of beautiful proportions, Hamilton is a long-standing firm favourite from our dining table collection. Its sleek silhouette would suit a range of interiors, from a contemporary loft space to a traditional country home.

This is a table most flattered by simple, minimalist tableware, although adorned with decorations for occasions, it could still carry its own.

With its dark palette and metallic flash, the Hamilton will be admired by all who dine at it.


The table is finished in a gorgeous, quarter-sawn oak and is available in high-gloss or satin for a sumptuous gleam or more subtle shine.

The oak is tinted to a smart shade of dark grey with brown undertones. This sophisticated hue complements a variety of room schemes, allowing the Hamilton to slot effortlessly into its surroundings, while remaining a statement piece of luxury furniture.

DAVIDSON is committed to providing a bespoke service and all our tables are available in any of the luxury finishes from our range.


The metal detailing at its base is what elevates the Hamilton above the ordinary. A smart, brushed brass, this extra touch provides a striking contrast of colour and texture against the rich, glossy oak, injecting a dose of eye-catching luxury into your dining space.

Alongside the oak, the glinting brass conveys a distinguished glamour and proves again DAVIDSON’s ability to bring an ageless elegance into the modern-day home.


The Hamilton is all about sharp lines and bold angles, allowing a crisp contemporary profile that exudes confidence. With DAVIDSON’s keen eye for style and introducing modern elements into a classic design, we have created a piece that is as handsome as it is functional.

The table has a contemporary pedestal, cleverly designed with cut-out spaces that bring a lightness to its form while remaining robust. The frieze is 50mm thick as standard, but it can be made with a slimmer top if required.

The Hamilton can be made to any size requested, including up to 3600mm long in one piece. However, any larger and the tabletop will need to be made from more than one piece.

Custom Shape

Whether your dining room requires a table to seat a party of friends, or intimate dinners between family, our tables can be customised in terms of size and shape. A smaller version of the Hamilton comes with a cruciform base to seat 8 people or fewer.


  • HAMILTON DINING TABLE2400mm W x 1200mm D x 750mm H
  • HAMILTON DINING TABLE3000mm W x 1300mm D x 750mm H
  • HAMILTON DINING TABLE 3600mm W x 1300mm D x 750mm H
  • HAMILTON DINING TABLE4000mm W x 1300mm D x 750mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.