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The Howes Dining Table

A stunning oval dining table celebrating a 25-year friendship between DAVIDSON and Taylor Howes as part of an exciting debut collaboration. Six months in the making, the table is a true celebration and exemplar of British craftsmanship, conceived in the studio by the talented Taylor Howes design team, then brought to life in the DAVIDSON workshop by six of our most skilled craftsmen.  Read our magazine article about our collaboration.


The table is finished in a beautiful high-gloss pebble anegre, a wood that is most associated with fine furniture, that has been tinted in a smart shade of grey. A new addition to the DAVIDSON range of luxury finishes, the timber comes in two highly-desirable shades: pebble grey anegre and the paler shadow grey anegre. The table is also available with a satin or matte finish upon request.

Bronze Detailing

To the edge and base there is a striking hand-carved riverbed relief pattern finished in liquid bronze, which adds an element of pure luxury.


Together, the two brands decided the table should be oval as it is soft in shape and the continual loop highlights the theme of the design: the never-ending passage of time. This was then followed through in the base, where the team created two semi-circular elements. It offers a less corporate, or formal look than the rectangular shape, with no obvious 'head of the table'.

Radial Pattern

The table, which, in homage to the philosophy of both firms, is as much a work of art as it is a functional piece of furniture, boasts an eye-catching radial pattern to the table top. Consisting of 22 individually hand-cut segments of anegre, depending on the size of the table, it requires is a great deal of skill to ensure that each one meets in the middle to form a perfect point.


The concept of the table was born out of the timelessness of DAVIDSON'S existing pieces and the inherent nature of dining tables traversing decades, being passed on from generation to generation. In this collaboration, the Taylor Howes design team explored the nature of passing time and how this might be represented in the design, focusing their thoughts on a single day - from dawn to dusk. This inspired the riverbed relief pattern, which reflects the image of the sun hitting rippled water at dawn and the soft evening tone as it sets in the evening.


Other finish options that were considered during the design process were a high-gloss sycamore black with silvered riverbed relief, which would look equally stunning. It can also be made as a beautiful circular or D-ended variation.


  • HOWES DINING TABLE2400mm W x 1200mm D x 750mm H
  • HOWES DINING TABLE2600mm W x 1300mm D x 750mm H
  • HOWES DINING TABLE3000mm W x 1500mm D x 750mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.