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The Nazarova Dining Table

A beautiful D-ended dining table designed for the most exclusive private residences and the finest luxury hotels, villas, embassies and palaces. It provides exceptional atmosphere and superb style to any distinguished interior design.


The table is finished in a Macassar ebony timber that has been dark-tinted by hand to give a wonderful richness in colour and contrast to the gold leaf base. 

DAVIDSON is committed to providing a bespoke service and all our tables are available in any of the luxury finishes from our range.


It takes three members of DAVIDSON’s skilled cabinet-making team 12 weeks to shape and create the table's four principle components: the tabletop, curved pedestal, gold leaf collar and base. The Macassar ebony veneer is then hand-cut, carefully laid and pressed, before being sent to the polishing shop for finishing and lacquering.

Gold leaf gilding

Once the components of the table have been created and those in wood have been sent off to the polishing shop, the component that requires gilding will be handed over to a member of the gilding team, who will apply 23.5 carat gold leaf, plus two coats of lacquer to seal and avoid tarnishing. The result is eye-catchingly dramatic and would appeal to anyone who is looking for a bold look in their dining room. The gilding is also available in white gold leaf and moon gold leaf, depending on the look desired.

The full set

This dining table was originally designed as a set that includes a coffee table and two side cabinets all in dark-tinted Macassar ebony and gold leaf. Please contact a member of our sales team if interested in purchasing the set. Seating-wise, the Winslet Chair, with its sleek curves and rounded back, is the ideal design to complement the table.


  • SIZE OPTION2400mm W x 1200mm D x 750mm H Seats 8 people
  • SIZE OPTION2600mm W x 1300mm D x 750mm H Seats 8 people
  • SIZE OPTION3000mm W x 1500mm D x 750mm H Seats 10 people

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.