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The Rosebery Dining Table

An award-winning dining table with a magnificent golden base and beautifully glossy timber top, offering the ultimate dining indulgence.

An impressive dining solution that can be made up to 2.5 meters and capable of seating up to 14 people suitable for large residences, hotels, palaces, and the grandest of dinner parties. Representing an artwork in its own right, the Rosebery has the ability to draw the eye, carry a room, and dignify your dinner party with a touch of true luxury. 


The circular top is finished in a high-gloss sycamore black. The smooth shine of the surface is further elevated by an impressive radial pattern, where each individual hand-cut segment of veneer meets in the centre in a perfect point. This intricate artistry takes the table from sophisticated furnishing to a majestic display of expert craftsmanship.

White gold leaf base

The beautiful capstan-style base consists of 30 facets that have been hand-gilded in a lightly-distressed white gold leaf sitting on a black lacquer plinth.

Custom finish

The table is also available in warm tones shown here, with the top in high-gloss sycamore dusk and the base hand-gilded in moon gold leaf.

Custom Size

The table can be made up to 2 metres in diameter with a one-piece top. Any larger and the top will have to be made from more than one piece, while the base will need to have fewer segments for increased strength.


  • SIZE OPTION1200mm Dia x 750 mm H Seats 4 people
  • SIZE OPTION1400mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 4-6 people
  • SIZE OPTION1600mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 6 people
  • SIZE OPTION1800mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 8 people
  • SIZE OPTION2000mm Dia x 750mm H Seats 10 people

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.