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The Westgate Dining Table

A celebration of simplicity and an expression of true modern elegance, DAVIDSON’s Westgate Dining Table is the perfect centrepiece for your dining room. 

Whether it’s family dinners in a high-end home or sophisticated social events, the Westgate is a practical dining solution, a striking visual focal point, and a showcase for cutting-edge design. 

Demonstrating our design team’s exceptional understanding of materials and techniques, the Westgate capitalizes on the innate beauty of the wood to create a piece that feels both organic and urban at once. The Westgate's contemporary edge and wow-factor come from the mixing of colours and textures: sycamore silk alongside an asymmetric veneer patterned top. Indisputably modern but with a simplicity of form that will never feel dated, the Westgate would look impeccable styled with metallic accents.

Whether you choose the Westgate to bring contemporary punch to a handsome country home, or to complete the mood of urban cool in your modern townhouse, this piece conveys unfussy luxury. Enjoy sitting around a table that is both a practical and durable dining solution and a stand-out expression of design know-how and unique contemporary style. 


The Westgate has been finished in a combination of sycamore black and sycamore silk. The latter represents a new finish in our range. The timeless combination of black and white brings both balance and a touch of drama to a room. The sycamore silk top is fresh, clean, and progressive, while the dark pedestal grounds and anchors the table.

The asymmetric veneer patterned top is a contemporary marquetry design. It highlights the striking natural figure of the sycamore, which changes depending on the light and angle from which you view it. The asymmetry adds aesthetic intrigue and personality, lending the table a more modern and informal elegance.


With the acute angles of the table top, frieze, and pedestal, the Westgate is a lesson in the understated power of sharp lines and clean-cut edges. A display of perfect precision and proportion, the Westgate’s lightness of form means it can be placed in smaller dining rooms without overpowering or dominating the space.


The Westgate draws inspiration from the Italian design aesthetic. With its use of sleek lines and crisp angles found in Italian interiors, it’s easy to imagine this table in a contemporary villa, alongside floor-to-ceiling glass, and overlooking a verdant Tuscan landscape.

The Westgate also represents a modern twist on our long-standing firm favourite: the Hamilton Dining Table. Like the Hamilton. The Westgate’s appeal lies in its bold angles, sharp lines and pare-back profile.


Soften the mood with a traditional patterned rug and perhaps dining chairs with complementary curves, such as DAVIDSON’s Goodchild or Winslet chairs. Light and crisp, the Westgate offers the perfect antidote to other heavy furnishings. 

Like all our furniture, the Westgate can be adapted to the needs of the client and is available in various sizes and in anyone of our finishes. Our team would be delighted to discuss and advise as necessary.


  • SIZE OPTION3500mm W x 1500mm D x 750mm HSeats 14 people

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.