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The Richmond Games Table

How do you convey sophistication without appearing too serious? With the Richmond Games Table, a luxury card-playing table that brings a playfulness and originality to your living space while remaining elegant and refined.

This beautifully ornate games table features a neatly chamfered top with a fixed fabric inset and a high-gloss burr walnut finish. A polished nickel collar at the base offers a subtle but significant final touch to the overall aesthetic, which is one of rich, striking tones alongside a pleasing simplicity of form.  

Two flock-lined drawers with tasteful polished nickel drop handles offer a place to store cards and other game components. The table also has four pull-out glass holders, because what is a game of cards without a fine cocktail to accompany it?

Enjoy a leisurely game in a luxurious setting with a table that pays testament to superb British craftsmanship and celebrates the unrivalled charm of spending an afternoon or evening with friends or family and a deck of cards.

Re-imaging the traditional cards table, DAVIDSON has designed a piece that feels both classic and forward-thinking. Simple, graceful, but full of character, the Richmond will transform your space. Consider adding a pendant lamp above the table to complete the mood.


The Richmond is finished in a gorgeous, high-gloss burr walnut. This sumptuous wood suggests opulence without appearing too showy. Its sultry, warm tones are perfect for a darker living space, office, or smoking room, alongside other high-quality wood furnishings. The polished nickel collar at the base of the table is also available in polished brass for a warmer, more golden mood that flatters the rich tones of the burr walnut.


The form of the Richmond conveys both softness and stability. The sleek, cylindrical base contrasts exquisitely with the chunky top with its perfect angles and rectilinear lines. While quite heavy in its silhouette, the simple pedestal takes up little visual space so that the table blends seamlessly into your interior. DAVIDSON designs can be customised to suit a specific space, whether you fancy something larger for a grand hotel salon, or something smaller and more intimate for a library. If you have a floor plan, we will be able to advise on the appropriate size.