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Artesian Occasional Table

Fine finishes and a beautiful, sculptural-like silhouette make this table a stylish addition to any room setting around the home, in a luxury hotel suite, or on a yacht.

The highly-coveted Artesian boasts a unique profile with its playful asymmetry and contrasting hues. Straight lines meet nonchalant curves in a table whose form can truly be described as fabulous.

Functioning almost as an art piece, the visual illusion speaking for itself, the Artesian is a perfect example of DAVIDSON’s keen eye for innovative design, bringing a sense of daring to your interior.

The Artesian works best in a space where it is not overshadowed by other furnishings, nor swamped with too many decorative additions. Let its creativity and exuberance shine by placing it in a sparsely-furnished corner, perhaps adding a DAVIDSON mirror above. Or, place a single ceramic vase at one end, playing with its imbalanced silhouette.

Consider pairing with the Belmont console table, originally inspired by the Artesian. As a duo, they work wonders in any interior, bringing a whimsical edge that is firmly on-trend.


The table was originally designed in high-gloss sycamore black with the internal curve finished in lightly distressed white gold leaf. This finish offers a beautiful contrast of colour and texture. Dark drama alongside shimmering gold - the pure essence of luxury.


The table features a rectangular top that stands on a slanted, curved structure that is thicker in width around the base, getting slimmer towards the tabletop. The curved structure sits on a rectangular base.

The pleasing contrast of sweeping curves contained between a rectilinear top and base conveys both strength and grace. Not only does the Artesian’s form make a bold statement, but it also allows light to pass through, visually taking up less space and opening up a room.

Custom Finish

DAVIDSON’s bespoke service allows for the table to be made in any requested combination of finishes. As shown here, the table was later launched in two smart shades of grey sycamore that complement each other perfectly. The rectangular top, the exterior and sides of the curved structure and rectangular base are finished in high-gloss, slate grey sycamore and the internal curve is finished in pearl grey sycamore.

This is the perfect choice for a bright, airy country home, where the combination will create a lighter mood more suited to daytime interiors.

Custom Size

Previously, the table has been requested with a circular top and at a larger size for use as a small dining table or central table, as shown here in this 3D drawing.


  • STANDARD580mm W x 350mm D x 650mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.