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Hester Occasional Table

An ever-popular occasional table with a graceful silhouette and gently-curved legs, beautifully finished in an eye-catching timber with a perfect, high-gloss sheen.

The Hester would work well in a room with other Art Deco-inspired pieces, such as our Grace Dining Table, where it would mimic its stately form, or alongside the Albany Console, where contrasting lines and angles would create aesthetic intrigue. Pair with the Tribeca Desk, which has similarly sweeping curves, to bring a refined elegance to your room scheme.

An indisputably handsome piece of luxury furniture, the Hester exudes self-assurance, wearing its good looks with casual confidence. In a nod to the balance and proportions of the Art Deco era, DAVIDSON has created a table that is imaginatively designed, exquisitely crafted, and that offers enough visual weight to draw the eye without overwhelming.


The table is finished in a high-gloss Macassar ebony that is dark-tinted by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. This reduces the contrast between the darker and lighter tones of the Macassar ebony, which some clients prefer, as it offers a less stripy-looking grain and a smoother, sleeker finish.

DAVIDSON offers a bespoke service and the Hester is, therefore, available in the finish of your choice. 


The circular top sits on three gently-curved legs, which stand on a smooth, facetted base in typical Art Deco style, an expression of robust beauty and effortless grace.

There is a central disc where the legs join and four feet finished in high-gloss black lacquer complete the look. If preferred, the central disc and feet can be finished to match the primary finish.

The feet are optional. Choose with or without, depending on your desired look, in black lacquer or your choice of nickel, brass or bronze.

Radial pattern

A defining characteristic of this table is its striking radial pattern to both the tabletop and base. There is a tremendous level of skill involved in achieving this pattern, with each piece of veneer laid with an incredibly steady hand in order to form a perfect point at the centre of the table. The result is striking, as well as a testament to the superb craftsmanship exhibited at DAVIDSON.


  • SMALL600mm Dia x 650mm H
  • MEDIUM700mm Dia x 650mm H

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.