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The Decanter Occasional Table

The Decanter Occasional Table, which forms part of the Wanderlust Collection, comes in three sizes, twelve colours and 6 alternative top options. 

The Decanter Table with Elystan Top in colour Danče

The Decanter Table with Elystan Top in colour Danče

The Wanderlust Collection draws inspiration from beautiful and iconic parts of the world that our team holds close and special to their heart. This was depicted by the rich and vibrant choice of colours that they were associated with and evoked a strong sense of reminiscence and sensuality.


The Decanter Occasional Table Decanter has a Decanter base and Elystan top, with the option of 6 alternative tops. This product is also available in Breakfast and Dining Table size. 


The Decanter Occasional Table is available in 12 vivid colours or a contrast combination thereof. Request the lookbook for more details. 


Our 'Candy' acrylic lacquer is sprayed over a pearlescent base to create a deep, high gloss finish. A satin finish is also available. 


  • OCCASIONAL TABLE600mm Diameter x 600mm HeightSide Table
  • BREAKFAST TABLE900mm Diameter x 720mm HeightSeats 2
  • DINING TABLE1200mm Diameter x 750mm HeightSeats 4

Please note that this seating guide is based on a 500mm width chair and it is always best to seek advice from our sales team before ordering.