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The Two Door Abstract Cabinet

The dainties cabinet in the collection, the petite dimensions of the Two Door Abstract Cabinet make it the perfect accompaniment in any bedroom, dressing room, or stylish living room.

Comprising of a two door, three door and four door cabinet, the Abstract Collection, takes inspiration from the sleek abstract shapes found in modern architecture and supports the idea that form should follow function.


The Abstract Cabinet supports the idea that form should follow function, an embrace of minimalism. The cabinet has an elegant rectangular silhouette and the internal cavity supports three adjustable shelves to ensure maximum storage while remaining refined and elegant.


Taking inspiration from the sleek abstract shapes found in modern architecture, the Abstract Cabinet displays strong diagonal lines in an asymmetrical pattern which injects cool sophistication into any interior.


The cabinet case is offered in four opulent timber finishes, Sycamore Black, Slate and Silk, and bold Blue Eucalyptus, while the brushed brass inlaid patterns and sleek legs add stylish allure to the piece. 


The cabinet is an ideal canvas to display fine art sculptures, while providing perfect storage solutions, whether being used as a sideboard in a stunning dining room, or a striking storage solution in a modern office.


  • Two door1200mm W x 400mm D x 800mm H

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