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Colour trends we love in 2019 and how to work them into your home

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With every new year comes a fresh selection of colour trends, and while 2018’s focus was on modern metallics, bold reds and ultra violet purple, 2019’s colour trends all have wellbeing and mindfulness at their heart. From Pantone’s vibrant coral, intended to provide comfort in our continually shifting political environment, to Dulux’s warm honey that seeks to soothe and calm, this year’s colour trends are all about creating a calming and comforting atmosphere in your home.

Here are the five key colour trends to look out for in 2019, with advice on how to work them into your home decor:

Spiced Honey

Dulux’s 2019 colour of the year keeps in tune with the neutral and warm theme of last year, while channelling something of the 1970s. The elegant and versatile autumnal shade of spiced honey “can inspire a new sense of warmth in any room”, according to Dulux. “The adaptability means that it works brilliantly with a wide range of other shades, from earthy neutrals to impactful brights - to create a mood that suits your own style”.

How to work Spiced Honey into your interiors - Davidson London

To work spiced honey into your home, go bold with a feature wall in a smooth caramel hue and then furnish the room with softer pastel tones. Alternatively, choose furniture with a spiced honey finish such as our sycamore seal or American black walnut to add accents. This colour works particularly well with rich reds and teals. With spiced honey, you don’t need a lot to make a difference so go as modest or as bold as you wish.

Living Coral

Chosen as an antidote to the turbulence and uncertainty of our current time, Pantone’s colour of the year is “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Coral was popular in decor in the late Victorian era, and saw a resurgence in the fifties, before replacing Ultra Violet in 2019.

Intended to provide warmth and nourishment, the vibrant yet mellow tone echoes aspects of colour that are found in nature, and as such works well paired with the natural tones of dark woods. The bright colour also works well alongside metallic hues of gold and silver.

Given the bold nature of this colour trend, you can opt to go big, with injections in your furniture or paintwork, or go small, with more subtle accents in accessories such as cushions, rugs and lamps.


Proving its timeless appeal, mushroom has been a popular colour in the world of interiors for the past few years now, and it doesn’t look set to disappear any time soon. The neutral and earthy shade is both rustic and elegant and can be used on paintwork, upholstery and accessories.

How to work mushroom colours into your interiors

The colour works beautifully with other pastel hues, as well as when combined with dark accents such as deep greens, another key colour trend for 2019. Pair mushroom upholstery with our macassar ebony finish, or opt for our sycamore pearl or dark tinted oak finish to fully embrace this theme.  

Deep Greens

Shades of green are everywhere in interiors right now, particularly those deep forest shades that are so synonymous with nature. Green is known to have a restorative quality, and it goes without saying that these shades pair beautifully with wooden materials.

Davidson London green colour palette

This colour is versatile and works well throughout them home, though we think it works particularly well in the living room when accompanied by dark furniture such as our Chesham Table in a sycamore brown finish.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow, reminiscent of the 1970s, is back in style, having been working its way back into fashion for a while now. Pinterest has reported that searches for the shade are up +45%.

It’s the perfect hue to brighten up your living space in time for spring and summer, either with bold mustard walls or with smaller accents, and it pairs beautifully with a variety of finishes, from monochrome to tan. The retro colour works effortlessly with mid-century furniture, but to truly bring the colour into the 21st century we recommend pairing it with more contemporary design such as our Scarsdale Console Table or our Artesian Table.

Which colour trend will you try?

2019 is the year to focus on mindfulness and wellbeing, so consider taking inspiration from this year’s colour trends to ensure your home inspires joy. Here at Davidson, our furniture is available in a range of styles and finishes to suit a range of personal tastes and preferences, helping you to create a home that you can feel truly proud of.