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Launch of Fitted Furniture!

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At DAVIDSON, we are always looking for ways to adapt to the needs of our clients, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new sister company, DAVIDSON Fitted 

Whether it’s a bespoke bookcase designed to complement one of our free-standing desks in a study or an entire bedroom in need of transformation, DAVIDSON Fitted can help you create the room of your dreams.  

Fashions have changed the way in which people furnish their houses,” says our Co-Founder, Richard Davidson. “Previously, bedrooms might have featured an antique, freestanding wardrobe, or there’d be a separate, dedicated dining room. But an increasing number of homes are now open plan, which has driven demand for more fitted furniture. We’ve been designing and making fitted furniture for some years, but, since those requests have grown, we decided the time was right to make it a more formal part of our service.”

Davidson London Fitted living room

The beauty of the DAVIDSON Fitted offer is that it complements our existing business creating hand-made furniture that’s precisely tailored to individual requirements. And, as with all our furniture, our Fitted range can be made in any finish from our wide selection, so you can really make the piece your own. For example, says Richard, “one client wanted to splash out on doors and handles for a fitted wardrobe but was less concerned about the materials we used in the interior, since the clothes inside would cover up that detail.” 

So, what can you expect from DAVIDSON Fitted?  The first step for us is to really understand what you are trying to achieve. We work closely with everyone from architects to interior designers to explore ideas and options, all with the intention of bringing your vision to life.  

Davidson Fitted

We’ll then visit your site to calculate exactly how todeliverthe project within the intended space and check for any problems before creating technical drawings. “I think it’s enormously helpful to go to the house and actually see the space, rather than just work from a floor plan,” says Richard. “As we have clients all over the world, this may not always be practical - but, wherever possible, we endeavour to offer this personal touch.”  

Once the designs are agreed, our talented craftsmen and women then construct the piece in our workshop, before our skilled fitters install the final pieces of furniture.  

“The beauty of our service,” says Richard, “is that we can work in pretty much any room and on any type of request. Two areas that we predict are going to grow are television cabinets – they’re becoming bigger, more glamorous and more complex – and walk-in wardrobes. And not just for women – men increasingly want a bespoke space for their shirts and shoes.  

“We’re also getting more clients asking for bespoke bar units, the sort you might find in a five-star luxury hotel with lovely bar stools and cocktails served before dinner. In fact, an increasing number of clients are coming to us and saying, ‘We’ve seen this in that hotel and we’d love to recreate it.’” 

Of course, fitted furniture is a highly competitive market – with every option from budget to high-end available, but Richard says that it is DAVIDSON’s ability to create beautiful bespoke options that means “we can rival the best. There are very few suppliers who can offer fitted furniture at such a high-end, high quality level. And I think it’s our dedication to traditional craftsmanship and impeccable technical skill that gives us an extremely strong position in this market. We’re really excited to see where it takes us.”

If you’d like to find out more about the DAVIDSON Fitted range and how we work, take a look at our Fitted page, or find inspiration in our Fitted Lookbook. Alternatively, get in touch – the DAVIDSON team would love to hear from you.Our freestanding collections and fitted furniture are available in a range of styles and finishes to suit different tastes and preferences and to help you create a home that is as unique as you are.