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DAVIDSON hosts a special event for Focus/19!

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Life at the Chelsea Design Centre, home of the DAVIDSON showroom, is always busy – and September was no exception as the Focus/19 came to the venue. Over six days, this iconic annual event welcomes interior design enthusiasts and trade professionals from around the globe, with the aim of informing, inspiring and delivering the best in world-class talent.

Every year we like to get involved in the Focus/19 programme and so, on the 20th of September, we were delighted to welcome guest speaker Becky Metcalfe, PR Manager for the Design Centre. Becky delighted our guests with an in-depth talk on the hottest interiors design trends we’re seeing for A/W 2019 at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.

Becky began her talk by marking Focus/19 as the Design Centre’s biggest show to date, with a packed programme of 130 events, new launches, showroom openings and design expertise in abundance. Recognising Chelsea as Europe’s largest and premier Design Centre, she encouraged guests to get involved with workshops, demonstrations and a raft of pop-up events and activities based in Design Avenue. We loved her analogy of the Design Centre as being like “a little garden, where creative seeds are sown”. She then moved on to give an in-depth view of what’s driving this season’s trends and how they’re being brought to life. Here are five of our favourites…

Biophilia: Nature takes centre stage

Trends, as Becky pointed out, are both a response to, and a reaction against, the world that we live in. Biophilia (the love of nature) is emerging as a real buzzword that’s combating the hectic nature of our lives today. Inspiration is increasingly coming from outdoor spaces and the abundance that the earth has to offer. Natural materials - once considered too humble for the world of luxury interiors - are gaining traction too. Think organic materials and colours, hand crafted pieces and nature-inspired textures.

Above: The Chiltern Cabinet by DAVIDSON captures the trend for celebrating natural materials. Its understated design lets the wood steal the show with its subtle but stunning natural ripple.

Soft silhouettes and sensory textures

Now, more than ever, our homes have become nurturing, sensory, tactile retreats to restore and revive, Becky said. Design studios are staying ahead of the curve with new plays on curved lines, rounded silhouettes and inviting textures that comfort, stimulate and soothe. Velvet and corduroy are leading the way in intriguing tactile finishes with geometric motifs, and not just in the furniture arena. Wallpaper and carpets are also bringing in textured fabrics and layers to lend a new depth to the sensory experience.

Above: The Brunswick Chair is a prime example of this season’s tactile, geometric trend, with its shimmering profile finished in luxuriant textured fabric and natural shades.

Green should be seen:

From leaf to olive, teal and jade, green is taking root everywhere. This season it’s often the moodier hues, drawn from nature’s arboreal colours, that are firmly centre stage. Known for its restorative qualities, the green colour spectrum is also incredibly versatile in its ability to pair beautifully with woods of every shade. So, the green trend truly embraces the return to nature-inspired concepts that A/W 2019 is all about. Find out more about colour trends here.

Above: Greens of any shade can work particularly well with dark furniture – for example our Chesham Dining Table in a sycamore brown finish.

British craftsmanship: Protecting our heritage

In an ever machine world, designers are increasingly celebrating the skilled makers and craftsmen who bring traditional crafts into the twenty first century. DAVIDSON is passionate about supporting heritage crafts such as marquetry and gilding, and those intricate touches and finishes define the quality and aesthetic of our furniture. So, we were delighted to hear Becky complimenting the exquisite range of craftsmanship on show in our showroom – in particular our new Elystan table, featuring a stunning hand-crafted radial design in Anigre wood.

Above: Our new Elystan table is now available in a stunning radial finish, celebrating the beauty of Anigre wood.

Customisation: Empowering the client’s choices

2019, Becky explained, marks a profound change to the way in which we approach design concepts. There seems to be a collective epiphany, whereby we’re shifting our purchasing habits to empower makers and artisans, and thoughtfully specifying what we want. DAVIDSON’s Fitted collection is a direct response to this trend, with the ability to collaborate with our designers and workshops to create custom furniture that truly realises the client’s vision.

Above: The DAVIDSON Fitted range brings together interior designers, architects, project managers and private clients to deliver flawless results, providing a personal service that understands and embraces individuality.

If you’re inspired by the trends Becky covered in her presentation – or you have your own interior design aspiration that you’re looking to bring to life, ask us about the DAVIDSON Fitted range. Or, contact us or visit our showroom to find out how the DAVIDSON service can transform your space.