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DAVIDSON Launches the New Lunar Desk

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We’re thrilled to unveil the effortlessly elegant Lunar desk. The latest addition to our collection of deluxe writing desks, the Lunar creates a true style statement in any home or office with its combination of vintage class and contemporary features. And our clients are already falling in love with its beautiful half-moon shape (hence, the name); it is both solid and graceful and provides the perfect showcase for our brand-new blue anegre timber finish. We asked its designer – and DAVIDSON’s head of design – Mark Blanchard to talk us through this celestial stunner. Here’s what he told us…

Art Deco inspiration

As with many of our pieces at DAVIDSON, we took inspiration for the Lunar desk from the stylish Art Deco movement and, in this case, specifically from the work of French designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, whose furniture epitomises the sleek sophistication of the era. Ruhlmann was famed for his use of exotic materials and his impeccable attention to quality and craftsmanship, an ethos we wholeheartedly share. Thanks to his intuitive understanding of form, he created pieces with elegant curves and subtle but powerful embellishments. Again, a natural fit for us.

The idea for designing a desk that reflected Ruhlmann’s techniques came about a couple of years ago, when DAVIDSON was asked to make an Art Deco-inspired piece for a private client. One example of Rhulmann’s work, in particular, stood out: a kidney-shaped desk with metal detailing and a radial pattern on the top that was commissioned by French-American financier David David-Weill in around 1918.

When it came to creating our piece, I saw an opportunity to freshen up the design; making it more contemporary, with cleaner lines for a simpler, more elegant look that lets the veneer do the talking.

Star quality

Nevertheless, the echoes of Ruhlmann’s ethos are there in the curved tabletop with radial pattern. The idea is to draw the eye, but I also wanted to really accentuate the arc design by adding shaped pedestals and a striking metal trim just below the tabletop. This lightens what is a very solid desk and I incorporated inset plinths to give the impression that it is floating. It’s a subtle feature, but it makes the world of difference.

I’ve designed it with three drawers on each pedestal, each of which open by means of leather-wrapped brass handles. As with all our desks, the Lunar comes with the option to have cable management included. However, I am particularly pleased with the Lunar’s concealed grommet [the ring through which the electrical cables pass], which incorporates the radial pattern of the veneer. We don’t normally do this, so it’s quite a special feature. The result is a seamless desktop that can accommodate all your technical appliances without detracting from the veneer’s stunning finish.

A matching leather writing surface sits within the tabletop, perfectly reflecting its half-moon shape and providing an elegant yet useful feature of the desk.

Blue moon

As for the finish, we chose the Lunar to launch our brand-new tint, figured blue anegre. This is a special desk, so we wanted a special veneer. We’ve been looking at figured anegres and eucalyptuses for a while and first incorporated a grey anegre into our Howes table. People love the way the light bounces off a figured veneer, so we decided to go a little bolder with the Lunar and chose two blue options.

We’re particularly excited to launch our new desk just as Pantone has announced its 2020 Colour of the Year – Classic Blue. If Pantone’s choice offers hints of the sky at dusk, then our lunar desk provides the perfect blue moonglow.

With its unique grain movement, featuring subtle irregularities in the ripples and curls, and its cool blue hue, the veneer gives the desk both an ultra-contemporary and organic feeling. I’ve gone for an antique brushed brass trim, which really brings out the colours in the grain, but like all of our pieces, everything is available with customised finishes.

So, if the blue anegre isn’t really to your taste, you can, of course, have the Lunar made in any of our wide selection of stunning timbers and veneers in your choice of high gloss or satin finish.

The sky’s the limit

And that’s not the only customisation option we offer. You can choose to have the metal features in nickel, brass, antiqued brass or bronze. Brushed antique brass is particularly popular at the moment. We can also adjust the size of the desk. I’ve designed it at around two metres in width but – veneers allowing – we can go larger.

Customisation is a big part of our service at DAVIDSON and I’ve created all sorts of adaptations for clients over the years. I’m currently working on a version of the Lunar for a client who wants a concealed keyboard drawer below the desktop. But you could switch up the number of drawers or incorporate computer housing. You could even have a humidor fitted if you wanted. However you choose to customise it, the Lunar is guaranteed to elevate your interior to a new level of elegance.

If you’re interested in the Lunar luxury writing desk – or, indeed, any of our other pieces – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Plus, take a look at our customisation and finishes page for more information on how we can tailor your piece to your needs.

And keep an eye out for our more in-depth piece on Pantone’s Colour of the Year coming in the new year.