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DAVIDSON tables win trio of awards

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We’ve done it again! We’re delighted to announce that, for the third year in a row, a DAVIDSON table has won one of the interior design industry’s most prestigious awards. Our stunning Howes dining table has just been named ‘Best Table’ at the International Design & Architecture Awards 2019. This is particularly exciting because it sees us retain the title we won the previous year for one of our most popular pieces, the Rosebery dining table. In 2017, it was our stylish Aspen dining table’s time to shine, when it was highly commended by The World of Interiors Awards at Focus/17, part of the London Design Festival.

Naturally, we place great value on all three accolades. The International Design & Architecture Awards, hosted by leading UK interior design magazine design et al, are renowned for commending design and recognising talent. Instead of being judged by a panel, shortlisted entries are presented online, and voting is open to industry professionals, as well as design et al readers, clients and customers. So, it’s a great affirmation from our patrons as well as our peers.

And, The World of Interiors magazine has been one of the most influential and authoritative design and decoration titles for almost 40 years, with an audience that spans the globe. Its readers are informed, cultured and erudite, and they trust its unrivalled expertise. To be the recipient of one of its awards really is praise indeed. This year, we were also the cover star of the World of Interiors annual supplement.

“We’re extremely honoured to receive this recognition yet again,” says our chairman and co-founder, Richard Davidson. “We’ve always been proud of the way our work combines classic elegance with the latest in contemporary design and it means a great deal to us that respected experts in the business share that appreciation.”

So, to celebrate our success, here’s the lowdown on each of our award-winning tables and why we think they’re so special…

The Howes dining table

Winner of ‘Best Table’ in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

A stunning example of British design, the Howes dining table is a collaborative celebration of our 25-year friendship with top interior design company Taylor Howes. Inspired by the nature of passing time, the design was conceived in the Taylor Howes studio, before being brought to life in the DAVIDSON workshop, at the hands of our skilled craftsmen.

DAVIDSON London Howes Table

This elegant oval table is finished in a beautiful shade of grey anegre timber (a new addition to our range of luxury finishes) with a striking, bronze, hand-carved riverbed relief inlaid around the edge and base. The anegre has been manipulated with the utmost skill to create a perfect ‘sunburst’ radial pattern in the centre that comprises up to 40 individual pieces (depending on the size of the table).

The table can be fully customised to your own taste. For example, it would look equally stunning in a high-gloss sycamore black with silvered riverbed relief. And, it can also be made as a beautiful circular or D-ended variation.

Why we love it: The Howes is particularly special because it marks our first collaborative foray for market. By combining both companies’ shared passions for the best in British craftsmanship and design, we’ve created a piece that is as much a work of art as it is a functional table.

The Rosebery dining table

Winner of ‘Best Table’ in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2018

With its magnificent golden base and beautifully shiny timber, the Rosebery dining table offers the ultimate dining indulgence. The circular top is finished in a high-gloss sycamore black and, like the Howes table, features an impressive radial pattern. Its beautiful capstan-style base consists of 30 facets that have been hand-gilded in a lightly distressed white gold leaf, sitting on a black lacquer plinth. The lightweight resin base makes the table sturdy without being cumbersome.

The Rosebery can be made in a selection of sizes and finishes. Prefer a warmer tone? Why not opt for the top in high-gloss sycamore dusk and the base hand-gilded in moon gold leaf?

Why we love it: Stately without being overbearing, it’s a truly versatile piece. As well as making the perfect hall or centre dining table, the Rosebery can be crafted up to 2.5 metres in diameter, seating 14 people. The result is an impressive dining solution suitable for large residences, hotels, palaces and the grandest of dinner parties.

The Aspen dining table

Highly commended in The World of Interiors Awards 2017

An elegant and contemporary circular table combining soft, graceful curves and clean angles, the Aspen dining table functions equally well as either a dining or centre table. Crafted in closed-grain, dark-tinted oak, the table features a smart, quartered top with hard-wearing satin finish suitable for daily dining. Its cruciform sled legs are designed with tempered angles for a gentle yet modern look.

A brushed brass trim sits flush to the face of the frieze, with a 5mm shadow gap in line with the table’s contemporary style that offers a sense of understated luxury. And, an optional custom central turntable brings ease and comfort to your dining experience by putting everything within reach, while simultaneously adding an interesting design detail to the table.

Why we love it: It’s a real all-rounder, integrating smoothly into any interior, from the classic, alongside period antiques, to contemporary spaces that marry it with glass, steel and slick lines. We love particularly how the cruciform sled legs offer strength without bulk, allowing light to pass through the base for a lightweight, stylish look. And, they don’t impede the diners’ leg room.

If you’d like to find out more about our award-winning tables, or any of our iconic pieces, then the DAVIDSON team would love to hear from you. Our furniture is available in a range of cutomised styles and finishes to suit different tastes and preferences and to help you create a home that is as unique as you are.