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At DAVIDSON, we take great pride in our reputation for creating luxury furniture. Thanks to our talented designers, each piece is unique, with its own story to tell. We’d like to share those stories with you; to go behind the product specifications and reveal what inspired the design of a particular chair, table or cabinet, what it takes to construct it and what makes it so special. In the first of this series, we take a closer look at one of our absolute favourite pieces, the Howes Dining Table.


How did it come about?

We’ve chosen to start with the Howes dining table because it marks a first for us at DAVIDSON. This stunning hand-carved table, finished in beautiful grey pebble anegre with bronze inlay, is our first collaboration on a piece for market. To create it, we teamed up with top interior design company Taylor Howes, who were looking for a project to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Having worked together for many years, sharing a philosophy for exceptional British craftsmanship, it was an obvious pairing and one hugely enjoyed by both parties. And so, after a six-month collaborative process, during which six artisans from both studios worked tirelessly to develop the prototype, the Howes dining table was born.

Howes Table Sketch

What was the inspiration for its design?

The table’s design, which features a striking radial pattern to the anegre top and a luxurious bronze riverbed relief, was inspired by the nature of passing time. A piece not only created to last for decades, but also which explores how a single day  ̶  from dawn to dusk  ̶  might be expressed in design. The riverbed relief represents the image of sun hitting rippled water at sunrise and the soft evening tone as it sets at night. The oval shape was chosen as it echoes the theme of a continual loop or never-ending passage of time. As Taylor Howes chief executive Karen Howes explains, there was also a more practical reason for the shape, so that no one would have to sit at the head of the table, making it feel less corporate. The result was a piece of furniture that is as much a piece of art as a functional table. “We wanted it to be beautiful whether it was laid or unlaid,” Howes says.

Karen Howes discussing the table design with the Davidson Team

The Video behind The Howes Table

A stunning oval dining table celebrating a twenty five year friendship between DAVIDSON and Taylor Howes as part of an exciting debut collaboration. 


How is it constructed?

Like all furniture at DAVIDSON, the Howes table is handmade by skilled artisans, from cutting to final polish. The table top comprises 40 individual pieces of exotic flame-figured veneer, which have to be neatly joined in the middle. All the timber work and riverbed bronze detailing are hand-carved. And, when it comes to polishing, each piece is individually lacquered before being assembled. Two semi-circular elements then form the base of the table. Not surprisingly, it’s a time-consuming process. As our chairman and founder, Richard Davidson, explains: “Our pieces are always classic in design, but the emphasis is on high quality.”


Where can it be used and what goes with it?

This is no ordinary, everyday dining table that can be subjected to the rigours of constant use. With its elegant design and delicate veneer finish, the Howes table is a family heirloom in the making. With careful use and maintenance, it will make a statement in your home for many years. Indeed, Howes describes it as “an antique of the future; a piece to hand onto the next generation.”

The Howes table is a one-off signature piece and, as such, does not form part of a collection. If you would like to add a set of chairs to your order, why not have them made in tinted sycamore to complement the table’s pebble grey anegre finish? With its curved design, our Art Deco-inspired Winslet chair works particularly well with circular or oval tables like the Howes and its highly-polished brass feet can be made in bronze to match the table’s inlay.


What to consider when buying the Howes table

The table comes in two standard size options (seating up to 10 people), so it’s worth considering which best fits your space. However, if you would like it to accommodate more settings, the table can be made to your own specific size requirements. If you have a floor plan, we would be happy to advise on the correct dimensions for your room.

As mentioned, construction of this high-quality piece takes time, so this needs to be factored into your purchase. From placing your order to delivery takes between 10 and 14 weeks. We guarantee it will be worth the wait!

Davidson team discussing the Howes Table manufacturing process Davidson craftsmanship
Howes Table