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The story behind the Grace dining table

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Creating luxury furniture isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. And, we want to share that zeal with you, by shining a spotlight on some of our favourite pieces, revealing what it takes to make them and why we think they’re so special. Following our first showcase article on our award-winning Howes dining table, we’ve chosen an absolute classic for the second in this series: the stunning, Art-Deco-inspired Grace dining table.


Amazing Grace: a timeless classic

Introduced 15 years ago, as part of our original DAVIDSON collection, the Grace dining table was an instant hit. Today, it remains not just one of our favourites, but also a best-seller with our clients. Over the years, we have relaunched this piece in several exciting finishes, each offering a different feel and look from the last, while always retaining its strong, Art Deco-influenced design.

Inspired by the beautiful furniture and interiors of renowned Parisian-born designer Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann in the 1920s and 30s, the Grace has a truly timeless, fuss-free elegance that still manages to feel contemporary. Its excellently-proportioned features include a soft, curved pedestal and wide frieze that perfectly showcases its beautiful book-matched, cross-grain finish (where the veneer of adjoining pieces mirror each other, highlighting the repeating pattern of the wood’s grain and giving the table a seamless finish).

While available in three standard sizes, the most popular size being 3 meters in length, the Grace can also be created to your own specific dimensions. We’ve even designed and made it as a beautiful seven-meter banquet table in the past as well as offering an extending version, where a sub-top is required to house a series of interlocking runners that open and close to take the extra leaves. If you’re not sure which size would best suit your chosen setting, we are always happy to advise you on the best size for your particular space, as well as offering advice on the finish that would best suit your decor.


An evolving masterpiece

The Grace was originally designed in Macassar ebony with ebonised blocks for a simple look that reflected its Art Deco influence. Macassar was a popular wood choice for furniture of that style and time. For more on Art Deco, take a look at our design eras that influence DAVIDSON article.

Instant classic: our Grace table in Macassar ebony

To give it a slightly more glamorous feel, we later introduced a version with metal detailing, including nickel castellated blocks at the base. From there, we upped the stakes a little more by offering polished nickel toes and a trim around the lower edge of the table, for clients who favour a bold look. 

This strong style isn’t for everyone though, so for a softer feel, the Grace can be made with a silver or gold leaf block on the pedestal, giving the table a real sense of luxury.

Our most recent evolution is a silvered fiddleback eucalyptus version – a brand new finish that we’ve just added to our range. And we now offer the option of a new finish on the table’s blocks: a highly-distressed metal that gives the table more of a contemporary feel. “We think that warm soft tones of the eucalyptus and the distressed metal leaf work beautifully together,” says our chairman and founder Richard Davidson. 

Grace Dining Table Weathered Eucalyptus CustomisationOur latest evolution: the Grace dining table in silvered fiddleback eucalyptus and distressed metal leaf.

Make it your own

As with all our furniture, the Grace can be made from any of our wide range of timbers and lacquers. But the customisation options don’t stop there. For example, you can choose the direction of the grain of the wood, whether you want the tabletop quartered, or if you would like to add or remove any of its decorative features, such as opting for toes but without the moulding around the lower edge.

It can also be finished with any of our four metals: nickel, brass, antiqued brass or bronze. And, you can opt for a brushed or shiny (polished) finish, depending on your taste. If you’re after maximum glamour, why not go for a high-gloss black lacquer with a polished brass moulding to the lower table edge, castellated central blocks to both pedestals, and polished brass toes?

Meanwhile, for a gentler, yet no less luxurious look, you could choose to have the central blocks in a gilded finish. The Grace can be fully customised to include as much or as little as required. The choice, quite literally, is yours.

Tailor made for you: this gilded finish to the central blocks gives the Grace dining table a sumptuous feel.


What makes the Grace so special?

Well, it’s perfectly proportioned for a start which makes it incredibly pleasing on the eye. Because the pedestal is narrow and tucked in, it allows plenty of leg room  ̶  ideal for taller clients who usually find themselves knocking their knees on bulky table legs.

It’s elegant but extremely practical. Granted, this isn’t an everyday table, but, at DAVIDSON, all our pieces need to be as functional as they are beautiful. And, to that end, the Grace comes with added chip protection thanks to a special edging made from hardwood rather than veneer, which we stain to match the rest of the veneer. Plus, the polyester lacquers are the hardest wearing available for furniture. “We want to make investment pieces that are used and enjoy over a lifetime,” says Richard.


Perfect partners

“The Grace works really well in a formal dining room,” Richard adds, “especially when paired with one of our cabinets which can be used for housing cutlery, plates and tablecloths. It gives the room a real cohesive look".

As for selecting chairs to accompany the table: it’s a classic piece, so looks best with a timeless chair, such as the Hartley chair, with its tapered legs, gently-curved seat and sumptuous upholstery, creating a form that is the ideal balance of soft and smart.

Seated in style: out Hartley chair – with or without buttons – is the perfect complement to the Grace dining table.

Or, you might opt for the Senley chair, with its angular backrest, framed by the bold black of the sycamore finish (a popular choice of timber for the Grace, too), or the Ensor chair, with its clean-lined base, deep seat and solid backrest that lends it a sense of high-end sophistication. All of these options would perfectly complement the Art Deco style of the Grace dining table.

If you’re interested in the Grace dining table – or, indeed, any of our other pieces – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit our ‘about’ page to find out more about DAVIDSON and make an enquiry. And why not take a look at our customisation and finishes page for more information on how we can tailor your piece to your needs?