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How to incorporate PANTONE’s Classic Blue into your décor

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Every year, designers and buyers all over the world wait with bated breath for the announcement of the PANTONE Colour of Year. Why? Because, for the past two decades, it has influenced development and purchasing decisions in all kinds of industries, from fashion to home furnishings, as well as product packaging and graphic design. Well, the wait is over, as PANTONE has announced that Classic Blue (19-4052) is its colour of 2020.

Described as a colour that “brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit, non-aggressive and easily relatable,” this restful indigo hue is the perfect antidote to our hectic, technology-driven lives.

At DAVIDSON, we couldn’t be happier with the choice. After all, when it comes to interiors, blue is immediately calming and welcoming. Whether ocean-inspired or jewel-toned  ̶  rich navy to pale robin’s egg  ̶  blue, in all its glorious hues, can both stimulate and soothe. In fact, we really fell for it in 2019, introducing several new pieces featuring striking blue finishes.

Few colours are as versatile as blue. When it comes to tone, the sky really is the limit. Go deep and dark to create a cosy cocoon or pale and refreshing for an uplifting look. And, there are so many ways to incorporate blue into your décor, from painting an accent wall or making a statement with a bold piece of furniture, to creating interest with soft furnishings and linens. Here are five of our top suggestions.

Make a Statement

You don’t need to douse an entire room in blue to make it stand out. Instead, select a statement piece that will really shine. Looking for something to add a burst of colour to a serious room like your study? Check out our brand-new, Art Deco-inspired Lunar desk. With its streamlined curves, subtle embellishments and shimmering figured blue anegre finish, this celestial stunner takes a classic look and gives it a contemporary twist. 

Opt for Blue Seating

Blue-upholstered chairs will really pop against a dark wood table, adding a sense of luxury to your dining room. With its plush padded blue interior and contrasting sycamore black frame, our sleek Charlton chair – another nod to the inspirational Art Deco period – is a perfect example. Like all our pieces, the Charlton chair can be customised to your own taste, either with or without arms.

Pair with our award-winning circular Rosebery table, with its matching high-gloss finish and complementary white gold leaf base, for a stunning effect. Or, if you prefer a rectangular table, our Grace table, with its metal detailing on the pedestals to match the feet of the Charlton, also works extremely well.

Turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm

Blue soothes the mind and promotes physical relaxation, slows metabolism and helps to reduce the blood pressure – all conducive to a restful night’s sleep. No wonder it’s the most calming (and recommended) colour for a bedroom. This doesn’t mean you have to splash it everywhere, though. A few key elements, such as comforting padded headboard, sumptuous silk curtains and rich linens will give the balance you need without overwhelming.

Add blue to your tableware

A less permanent, but equally stylish, way to incorporate blue into your room is through your tableware. An elegant dining table laid with your favourite shade of blue linens (runners, napkins), glassware and crockery will really set the mood and have your guests complimenting more than just your menu. Our friends at Bonadea have some beautiful blues in their collections, including their lovely Augarten Wien 1718 Schubert cobalt blue champagne cups (below) or Jaune deo Chrome blue bolero charger plates.

Go west

If blue really is your thing, though, then there is no reason why you can’t style your whole room around it. And we have the perfect solution. In 2019, we unveiled our West Coast design collaboration with Anna Standish, a collection inspired by the innovative shapes and colours – including blue – of 1970s American art.

Central to the collection is the Palisades side cabinet, with its sleek, sharp profile and seductive aqua shade. Finished in a gorgeous high-gloss bird’s eye maple that appears to ripple like water, this cool cabinet makes an elegant addition to any space. As does its companion, our Malibu coffee table. Its clean contours, with radiused corners and wide circular legs, mimic the soft, breezy Californian landscape. Where it really shines is in its bird’s eye maple finish tinted in a vibrant shade of turquoise to create a look that is bold and exotic. The final piece of the collection is our bold, chic Boulevard armchair that’s upholstered in a confident shade of coral wool, which just happened to be PANTONE’s colour of the year for 2019!

If you are interested in any of the pieces we’ve highlighted or would like some advice about how DAVIDSON can help you to create a beautiful interior – whatever your colour palette of choice - get in touch or visit us at our showroom in the prestigious Chelsea Design Centre.