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How To Style Your Home Office

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For many of us, travelling to work each day seems like a distant memory. In this ‘new normal’, chats around the coffee machine have been traded for conversations via Slack, and Zoom meetings are no longer a novelty.

Suddenly our home offices are very much in the spotlight. So are our study spaces as good as they could be?

A crowded and cluttered corner of the kitchen simply isn’t conducive to work. You need a designated study - somewhere you enjoy being. A luxury home office can help boost creativity and inspire you to get down to work in the morning, offering you a peaceful haven in the midst of the hustle and bustle of home life.

If you’re wondering how to decorate a home office, discover our luxury home office design ideas. From how to arrange the furniture to choosing the right luxury desk, we offer inspiration, guidance, and tips on the best way to style your dream home office.

Because - if the pandemic has taught us anything - it’s that working from bed in our pyjamas is not great for productivity.

The Bailey Desk project by Roselind Wilson Design

Preparing the space

First things first. Which room should you use as your office? Perhaps you’ve already got a designated study - but are you sure it’s the best room for the job?

The perfect home office should have plenty of natural light and ideally a window with a view. Looking away from your screen at regular intervals prevents eye strain and you’re more likely to do this if you’ve got something attractive or interesting to look at.

 Having a room whose sole function is an office is ideal - but we’re not all lucky enough to have a cute summer house at the end of the garden to transform into a luxury home office.

However, it’s easy enough to turn a dining room, living room, or even a bedroom into a multipurpose space. If the room is big enough, you could use a screen to create a divider during the day.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a room. Think outside the box. The beauty of bespoke furniture - like DAVIDSON’s fitted furniture service - is that it will fit into even the most awkward of spaces. Have you got a quirky little alcove that could fit a desk? A large landing or hallway? Or what about that space below the stairs?

Fitted furniture can be customised to your home, allowing you to create a unique home office in what seems to be an impossible space.

The Wellington Desk and fitted shelving project by Taylor Howes

Rainbow shades

Once you’ve chosen the room, it’s time to think about colour. Pantone named Classic Blue their colour for 2020 and it could definitely instil a suitable peace and calm in a luxury home office.

 Mellow pink or soothing dark green are also good choices, while off-white is great for an airy and minimalist vibe. Or what about an accent wall in a bright and bold colour?

Wallpaper is another good option, and very on-trend. You could go for just a single wall or the entire space.

The Mortimer Desk project by Smiros & Smiros

Choose a home office desk

How do you choose a desk for your home office? A desk is the most important piece of furniture in your study, and some are better than others for helping you to get in the flow.

 Forget about the boring workstation you left behind in the office. This is your space now. What kind of luxury desk would you like to sit at for 8 hours a day?

For minimalists who just need a computer and nothing else, a desk without drawers looks sleek and streamlined. For example, DAVIDSON’s Bracondale Writing Desk, whose effortless elegance makes it the perfect designer desk for a contemporary home office.

Or, if you only require a couple of drawers for storage, check out the Mortimer, a beautiful designer desk and the apex of pared-back sophistication - with practical cable management too.

Equally minimalist - and another great modern luxury desk - DAVIDSON’s Bailey Writing Desk, has a compellingly slim and delicate profile that would look great in small home offices. 

But choosing a desk is not just about style and design preferences. You’ve got to consider functionality. If your workday involves lots of papers and files, you want to ensure an uncluttered worktop, and so a desk with drawers is preferable.

Check out DAVIDSON’s Art Deco-inspired Lunar desk, for example, with its smooth curves and stately profile. The table has six drawers as well as cable management solutions to ensure a tidy surface. It also has the option of having a pull-out keyboard rest within the central drawer.

The Carlisle Desk and fitted shelving project by Lawson Robb

Still not enough storage space? Then you might require the Winston, one of our most popular luxury desks, with an impressively regal profile that would suit larger home offices. 

Or, instead of a desk, you could opt for a dining table. In the desk vs. table debate, the latter has many advantages - especially if you need lots of space to spread out. Take a look at the DAVIDSON Wanderlust collection of dining tables, for example. These vibrant coloured tables are ideal for creative thinking.

Plus, if your partner is also working from home and you need to share your home office, a dining table offers a communal worktop that still provides plenty of breathing room.

The Melrose Coffee Table, The Wellington Desk, The Bronson Occasional Table project by Carte Blanche Design

Where to put your desk

When choosing a position for your desk, below a window is often a good starting point, allowing you to reap all the benefits of natural light.

Or, if you’re worried about distractions, why not place it in the centre of the room? Desks don’t have to go against a wall. A desk like DAVIDSON’s Wellington - one of our most popular writing tables - would look striking in front of a fitted bookcase.

As for size and height, when looking for a desk you want one that is between 70 and 75 cm high - like the majority of DAVIDSON writing desks.

The Wellington Desk and the Elliott Chair with fitted shelving for a private client

Choose a chair

Next, you need seating to complement your designer desk. There’s no reason why you have to invest in one of those clunky corporate style chairs. As long as it’s comfortable and supportive, why not go off the beaten path?

Take DAVIDSON’s Elliott Chair, for example. Convention-defying and high-impact. Or there’s the Art Deco-style Winslet - wonderfully graceful and feminine. Or the Goodchild, a little more understated and classic.

If comfort and cosiness are your priority, we can’t imagine a better chair than the Morton, with its generous seat - the ideal half-way house between an office chair and an armchair.

And who says you’re limited to just the one chair? Why not have two: one for thinking, and one for working. The dashing Boulevard Armchair is the perfect place for pondering business dilemmas.

Something to remember when choosing a chair for your home office: to ensure support and comfort, you want your thighs parallel to the floor and your feet on the ground.

The Wellington Desk and fitted shelving project by Cocovara

Smart storage

Nothing spoils a study space like clutter. In fact, science has shown that being surrounded by mess has a negative effect on both cognition and emotions, making concentrating impossible.

Many of DAVIDSON desks feature cable management so you can conceal any unsightly wires. Meanwhile, you can hide away papers, stationery, files, and folders, as well as any unattractive tech - such as a printer - with a cabinet.

For example, the Palisades, in its gorgeous oceanic shade of blue. Or there’s the sleek Nazarova. Not to mention the Englefield - low profile but luxurious, offering a unique spin on contemporary cool.

Of course, you don’t need to tuck everything away. Sometimes having things on display can help stimulate your imagination. In which case a console table - such as the dainty Ecclestone - could offer stylish surface space. And the Ophelia would look particularly elegant alongside the Tribeca Writing Desk.

Fitted furniture is also a smart choice. Opting for built-in furnishings, tailored to fit your interior, is the best way to make the most of a space.

At DAVIDSON, we design, manufacture, and install bespoke high-end fitted furniture. A bookcase, for example, designed to fit snugly into an alcove and to complement a freestanding desk. Or what about a shelving unit stretching along the wall behind your writing table, where you can arrange artworks and stash away work essentials in the cupboards and drawers below?

And - because we all have bad work days - why not invest in a fitted home bar? Or at least take a moment to consider just how wonderful the Virginia Drinks Cabinet would look in your home office.

The Wellington Desk for a private client in London

Finishing touches

It’s common knowledge that plants are vital to a vibrant home office. They clean the air, improve your mood, and look lovely. Peace Lilies and Snake plants are some of our favourites.  

A rug adds warmth and texture, as do curtains - although shutters are a good choice if your space receives direct sun, allowing you to adjust the amount of light that enters through the day.

In bigger rooms, filling the shelves with books not only encourages creative thinking but also creates a riot of colour that brightens up more minimalist spaces.

Avoid stark overhead lights, instead opting for a collection of table and standing lamps to create a diffused effect more soothing on the eyes.

Finally, a mirror helps add a sense of space to smaller rooms, amplifying light. Check out DAVIDSON’s Collier Mirror for something simple but classic, or the Neptune for more drama. Round mirrors add variety to rooms otherwise dominated by straight lines.

Only the best will do

No matter how much you love your job, there will be days that drag. Make working less of a chore and more of a treat by creating a home office that encourages productivity and motivation.

For the best home office furniture, few can beat the expertise and intuitive design understanding of DAVIDSON London. Our dedication to traditional craftsmanship and innovative creations - both fitted and freestanding - empowers you to transform your home office into a place where working is a pleasure.

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