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10 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring & Summer

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After endless lockdowns and self-isolation, your home is probably making you a little stir-crazy. Sprucing up your home after the long and bleak winter months has always been a great way to inject life and love back into your interiors. But after a lockdown winter, it’s even more important.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning. It’s about rejuvenating and reanimating your favourite rooms, giving them attention and a boost. After all, the season is all about renewal and rebirth - and that applies to our homes too. As the warm weather arrives, we want to freshen up our spaces and invite in some extra energy, inspiration, and dynamism.

This could be as simple as buying a few new cushions and accessories. Or as full-scale as redesigning an entire room. However you choose to revamp your space this spring, you can be sure your home will thank you for it.

The Corinthia Cabinet in Sycamore Slate Grey & Sycamore Pearl Grey with Polished Nickel | Interior design by MOZEGO

1.   Have a Deep Clean

This is undeniably the most boring part of the spring cleaning process - but it’s worth it. Dusting, washing, scrubbing, de-smudging - do whatever it takes to get your home gleaming again.

 Whether you choose to do it yourself or pay a professional, it’s time to deal with all that dust and dirt that you may or may not have seen accumulating. And it’s also time to address those maintenance chores that have been on your to-do list for months. Get the windows open, too, allowing fresh air to blow life into stuffy nooks and crannies.

The Grace Dining Table in Sycamore Black | Interior design by Fossey Arora


2.   Declutter and organize

Throwing out things you no longer like or need is about more than just creating a tidy home. It actually has a powerful impact on our well-being. Studies have shown that mess equates to stress, increasing levels of cortisol as well as being closely correlated to procrastination. No to mention the fact that being able to find things when you need them could save you time. 

Random odds and ends have a mysterious way of just appearing. So take this opportunity to do a proper clear-out. Sell or donate things you don’t want and pack away anything you won’t need until next winter. Label any boxes so it’s clear what’s inside.

Streamlining your home may also mean investing in new storage solutions. Opt for something stylish that does double-duty as a design statement.

Any DAVIDSON cabinet offers ample storage space for concealing clutter as well as adding high-end glamour to your space. Explore the Grenelle cabinet, for example, which unites classic materials with an ultra-contemporary rectangular form. Adjustable shelves mean you can modify the storage accordingly.

Or opt for either of the three cabinets from the gorgeously minimal Abstract Collection - suitably lively and lighthearted for spring.

And if you’d rather have your possessions visible so you can find them quickly, explore the handsome Englefield Shelving Unit, offering the perfect clean-lined, easy, breezy, spring mood.

From top to bottom: The Two Door Abstract Cabinet in Sycamore Silk, The Three Door Abstract Cabinet in Sycamore Black and The Four Door Abstract Cabinet in Blue Eucalyptus

In the office, tackle those unsightly piles of paper and other bits and bobs with a luxury writing desk such as the Art Deco-inspired Lunar, which comes with six drawers and cable management too. Or discover layers of luxurious storage with our new Eclipse Home Office Collection.  

The Eclipse Home Office Collection, Alcove Units and Eclipse Desk all in Shadow Grey Anegre

3.   Move things around

After spending so much time within the same four walls, chances are that your home feels rather small. How can you rearrange your furniture to make it feel a little less cramped? 

First, consider the focal point of the room. If you and your family have spent a lot of time huddled around the TV over the winter, maybe it’s time to let it take a back seat. Instead, make the coffee table the centrepiece. Or a large window, directing everyone’s attention outside to the sun and nature.

Next, think about how you might move away from a formal symmetrical arrangement of furniture - which can feel a bit restricting - and opt for something asymmetrical, dynamic, and casual. Let go of rigid lines and embrace a natural flow. Pay attention to balance too. You don’t want all the big pieces of furniture on one side of the room.

To give the illusion of more space, float furniture a couple of inches away from the wall and hang paintings lower down to give the impression of higher ceilings.

The Rosebery Dining Table & Winslet Chairs | interior design by Alexandra Dixon Interiors


4.   Invest in new accents

Sprucing up your interior for spring needn’t mean an entirely new furniture collection. All it takes is a few well-chosen accents here and there to lend a new perspective. Plus, some statement accessories can create an interesting background for Zoom calls in our post-pandemic world.

The favoured interior design accessories for 2021 are all-natural. We’re talking terracotta vases, wicker baskets, rattan-anything, and weathered wood. Marble has the advantage of being both natural and incredibly sleek and sophisticated.

But nothing beats plants or flowers. Think cherry blossoms, moss bowls, a vase of wildflowers - dried or fresh - or even an entire tree. And don’t dismiss the power of a fruit bowl full of lemons or clementines.

Now is also the time to swap out your winter candles for scents like jasmine, lily, or wild orchid, ushering in the new season.

The Ovington Dining Table in High Gloss Sycamore Dusk | Interior design by Janine Stone Interior Design

5.   Pick out a statement artwork

One instantly transformative addition to your interior is a new piece of artwork. Think about the mood you want to evoke. What colours or shapes feel right?

If choosing a landscape painting, or photograph, think of a place with personal significance. Or you might opt for something abstract, incorporating soothing shades and shapes.

Remember that you don’t have to echo the style of your house. Modern paintings work well in period properties and traditional artwork can work equally well in a contemporary space. Either way, opt for a minimal frame that doesn’t distract from the work itself.

The Wanderlust Collection featuring (from left to right) The Spiraliser Breakfast Table in colours Aegean & Dance, The Decanter Occasional Table in colours Kerala & Bermuda, The Crayon Dining Table in colours Bordeaux and Azores


6.   Add curves

The last few years have seen a shift in interior design trends towards curves and soft edges. And bringing some gentle curves and arching lines into your interior feels perfect for spring with its focus on the organic and natural.

This could be in the form of sculptures or artwork featuring soft edges and curls. Or there’s DAVIDSON’s Wanderlust Collection, which feels wonderfully spring-like with its vibrant colours and sensual shapes. A table like the Spiraliser Occasional Table offers an intriguing coiling shape while the sweeping lines of the Decanter’s pedestal are exceptionally tactile.

Or explore the 70s-inspired Malibu Coffee Table (incidentally, very child-friendly with its softened corners). Best paired with the gentle curves of the Boulevard Armchair.

The Palisades Side Cabinet, The Malibu Coffee Table and The Boulevard Chair from our 'West Coast Collection' collaboration with Anna Standish

7.   Create an accent wall

Painting one wall a different colour is a great way to change the vibe of a space. But what colour is best for spring?

While grey was an interior design favourite for a long time, for spring we prefer warming neutrals such as camel or ochre. Earthy shades are perfect for a season associated with nature’s renewal. Think olive green, burnt orange, mulberry pink, and deep yellow. Of course, various luscious shades of green are also ideal while blush pink is a popular choice at the moment.

You’re not limited to paint when it comes to your accent wall. Wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years with biophilic design dominating. Any wallpaper featuring florals and foliage is a top choice.

Tiles are another option, especially in the kitchen, adding utilitarian edge, while a gallery wall offers eclectic charm.

Or, with DAVIDSON’s Fitted service, you might consider something more unique such as high-gloss panelling. As well as looking particularly striking, it has the added advantage of reflecting and amplifying light.

The Hamilton Table & Elliott Chair | Interior design project by Broosk Saib

8.   Change up the textiles

Swapping out your thick and heavy textiles for lightweight materials is another way to celebrate the arrival of the warmer months. Think cotton, linen, and even fuzzy bouclé fabrics, although you’ll want to find versions in linen, silk, and cotton, rather than wool.

Swap heavy curtains for blinds or sheer fabrics to let in sunlight and watch your serotonin soar. And change up your cushions and throws, opting for bright and cheerful shades for a pop of colour.

Opt for cotton rugs like kilims or other natural materials like sisal and seagrass. And, in the bedroom, a silk rug feels very sumptuous.

Interior design project by Broosk Saib

9.   Upgrade your lighting

While dim lighting and shadows can feel atmospheric and cosy during the winter months, by spring, you’ll want as much sunlight as possible. White ceilings help reflect light, as do glossy ceramic tiles in the kitchen. Consider any parts of your home that might benefit from a skylight - or at least get your windows cleaned. 

Re-think your artificial lighting too. Not only does good lighting create a pleasant ambience but it also prevents eye strain. Pendant lighting is a good choice for the kitchen while in the bedroom, you want bedside lamps with warm bulbs. In the living, avoid stark overhead lighting in favour of a mixture of standing lamps and table lamps at different levels.

Another great way to amplify the natural light in your space is with one of DAVIDSON’s distinctive mirrors, such as the elegant hexagonal Barclay Mirror or the majestic sunburst design of the Talisman.


The Grenelle Cabinet & The Talisman Mirror

10.   Treat yourself

Finally, why not splash out on something not strictly necessary but that we’re sure you deserve? It’s been a long winter, after all.

DAVIDSON’s Galaxy Drinks Cabinet, with its liquid bronze finish and smartly tapering legs, is the ideal addition to your home - especially now that entertaining is soon to be permitted again.

And after sitting through countless family meals - and maybe even serving as your desk - perhaps your dining table could do with an upgrade. The simple yet striking Westgate Dining Table is ideal for the sunny months with its bold monochromatic palette.