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10 Trends That Will Transform Your Home This Spring

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The weather’s getting warmer. The daffodils are in bloom. Spring is here and—let’s face it—the season’s optimism and positivity has never been more needed.

 After two years of pandemic life, it’s clear that our homes are much more than somewhere where we eat meals and sleep. They are spaces where we work, work out, teach our children, entertain guests, and take refuge and relax.

 The chaos and catastrophe currently dominating the world stage further reveals the need for our homes to be sanctuaries—bubbles where we feel safe, comfortable, and can forget the sorrows of newspaper headlines.

The principal interior design trends for spring 2022 take all this into consideration. They are a response to the global mood, informed by events around the world, from a renewed focus on sustainability to an embrace of bright colours and patterns that offer hope in the face of challenges.

So here’s what the most stylish homes will look like in the coming months.

The Ebury Media Unit in Sycamore Black

1.   Self-care

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone’s well-being and we’re all trying to make more time for self-care. Creating a space dedicated to wellness in your home can take many forms, from a spa-inspired bathroom with sultry lighting and a luxury bathtub to an elegant home cinema or luxury living room with a sophisticated media unit such as the Ebury by DAVIDSON.

 Or what about a games table? Play is definitely a form of self-care so why not invest in a luxury recreation set-up such as DAVIDSON’s gorgeous Grafton Games Table where you can challenge a friend or family member to a game of chess, backgammon, or cards?


The Grafton Games Table in Sycamore Black

And, of course, for many of us, self-care takes the form of a cocktail or glass of wine. Life’s too short not to treat yourself so why not invest in a home bar like the DAVIDSON’s ultra-sleek Collins Bar Cabinet Collection?

The Collins Bar Cabinet & Cellar

2.   Country maximalism

Maximalism has been a major trend in interior design for a while now and the ‘more is more’ movement continues into 2022, this year with a particular emphasis on English country and grandmillenial style.

Think clashing colours, fringing and piping, damask-printed wallpaper, chintz and chinoiserie —all together in a rule-breaking, hedonistic, and heady patchwork that lifts your mood and makes you smile. Imagine rooms filled with unusual antiques and unique vintage pieces alonside modern artwork in an exciting blend of contemporary and tradition. The louder the better. Let your creativity run wild as you bring together different prints and patterns in a defiant rejection of all-white minimalism. 

As a place designed for entertaining and making an impact, your dining room is a space where you can really push the boat out in terms of extravagant design. Opt for a statement table, like our award-winning Rosebery Dining Table, and complement its glossy brown sycamore top and moon gold leaf base with wallpaper in rich tones of dark green or blue alongside plenty of gilded accessories and eye-catching textiles.  

And, of course, there’s nothing quite as maximalist as a drinks cabinet finished in liquid bronze, like our Galaxy Cabinet.

3.   Biophilia

Biophilic design that takes nature as its central theme remains at the forefront of the minds of industry tastemakers in spring 2022. This isn’t just about a continued commitment to sustainability but natural colours and textures too, from shades of yellow, green, and orange to rustic and organic materials such as seagrass, ikat, earthenware, marble, and reclaimed wood.

This spring, interiors will enjoy plenty of natural light and ventilation and be filled with exotic plants and flowers, instantly imbuing homes with a restorative sense of peace and calm. Flora and fauna-inspired motifs will also dominate in textiles and wallpaper, while the colour of the season is most definitely green, from olive and sage through to seductive emerald.

The Ophelia Console Table

4.   Curves

In stark contrast to the sharp corners and rectilinear lines of previous years, spring 2022 is all about curves. From circular silhouettes to scalloped edges, rounded forms dominate. The resulting vibe is warm, welcoming, comfortable, and most definitely luxurious.

Take a look at DAVIDSON’s Scarsdale Console, for inspiration, with its unforgettable arc-shaped pedestal that brings a softness and femininity to the design. Or there’s our Malibu Coffee Table with its seductive shade of turquoise, relaxed radiused corners, and chunky circular legs, evoking the easygoing elegance of the West Coast after which the collection is named. 

5.   Sustainability

Environmental awareness is no longer just a bonus when it comes to design—it’s a necessity.

Responsibly-made furniture takes centre stage in today’s interiors with more and more pieces crafted from sustainable and reclaimed materials. There’s an equal emphasis on buying local too, upcycling and repurposing vintage pieces, and, most importantly, buying high-quality and timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends and last a lifetime.

DAVIDSON offers this kind of timelessness with a vision of laid-back luxury that will never go out of style. While we take advantage of the most innovative tools and techniques and keep an eye on current trends, our designs are informed by years of industry experience and design knowledge. As a result, our furniture has enduring appeal, as well as being superbly high-quality.

The Broadway Coffee Table

6.   Mixed materials

In spring 2022, the best interiors embrace interesting and unique designs, opting for unusual and original pieces over mass-produced and off-the-shelf furniture.

 One way to add drama and individuality to your home is by combining different materials, finishes, and textures. Aged leather, for example, next to other natural materials such as high-gloss wood, rattan, or linen. Look for tactile materials too, such as jute, clay, mohair or velvet.

At DAVIDSON, we have always enjoyed combining contrasting materials and finishes to dramatic effect. There’s our Broadway Coffee Table, for example, inspired by London’s canal locks.

And our new Chalice Table where a smooth satin tinted oak surface sits on a distressed bronze pedestal. A definite conversation starter and a table that could transform an entrance or dining room.

The Chalice Table


7.   Bold colours

Forget neutrals. Spring 2022 is all about a punchy and high-impact palette. We’re talking peacock blue, fuschia pink, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and green in all shades. Don’t be scared to paint an entire room in these dynamic colours. Better still if you can find a patterned wallpaper that incorporates them.


Or use your furniture choices to add colour to your room. Take DAVIDSON’s Abstract Cabinet, for example. It’s available in a range of finishes but most appropriate for spring is the beautiful and bold Blue Eucalyptus which contrasts wonderfully with the brushed brass inlay.

The Abstract Cabinet in Blue Eucalyptus  

And if you’re determined to stick to neutrals, instead of white and beige, opt for warm and earthy shades of brown, a favourite this season, whether it’s terracotta, caramel, camel, or chocolate.

The Eclipse Home Office Collection in Sycamore Silk

8.   Elevated home offices

As working remotely continues to be a reality for many, home offices that promote inspiration and productivity are an imperative. Declutter your work space for spring and establish greater organisation with clever storage that improves functionality without distracting from your carefully curated aesthetic.

 A luxury DAVIDSON writing desk with thoughtfully considered cable management and ample space to conceal workday essentials can help to create a Zen-like mood and make sitting down to tackle projects stress-free and streamlined.

There’s the stately Carlisle Writing Desk, for example, as well as the cool and classy Eclipse. Both offer stylish storage to keep your home office tidy while simultaneously adding a dash of high-end appeal to your space.

The Lunar Writing Desk in Blue Eucalyptus

Most appropriate for spring 2022, however, is our Art Deco-inspired Lunar Luxury Writing Desk, with its sweeping half moon-shape and figured Blue Eucalyptus finish, ticking the boxes of two seasonal trends: vibrant colours and smooth curves.

9.   Travel

Now that we’re finally allowed to travel again, journeys around the world are inspiring this season’s interior design choices. In fact, travel is the central theme of DAVIDSON’s Wanderlust Collection, whose vibrant colours and whimsical shapes allow you to enjoy the playful spirit and romance of an exotic holiday without even stepping outside your front door.


The collection is now available in a range of new colours especially chosen for spring 2022, each named after some of the world’s most iconic cities and all of which feel suitably upbeat, energetic, and lighthearted. 

10.   Privacy

Pre-pandemic, modern interiors were dominated by large and airy open-plan rooms. But following two years where we spent more time than ever in our homes, the need for privacy and an escape from the hustle and bustle is clear.

As a result, this season is seeing open-plan spaces being clearly demarcated into different zones. This need not take the form of walls, however. Instead, experiment with folding screens, low storage units, and bookcases.  

Our new Montana Cabinet, for example, could easily serve to separate a large room into two distinct areas while being low enough not to impede the line of sight. Available in a range of finishes, it could also add a burst of colour to your interior


The Montana Cabinet in Pebble Grey Anegre and Sycamore Silk with Brushed Brass